Wisdom Networks: The Zero Marginal Cost path to Society Growth

What comes next? We explain in 15 points ...

1RAPID EVOLUTION FROM CENTRALISED HIERARCHIES TO DISTRIBUTED NETWORKS: The Industrial Evolution used hierarchies to organise financial and human capital locally to build the Industrial Economy. The Industrial Economy is exhausted and evolution is implementing Network Society but it is delayed by strong resistance from the status quo. Network Society will use networks to organise human and financial capital globally at Zero Marginal Cost.

2‘MORE WITH LESS’ EVOLUTION: 100 years of 3% productivity is the world’s most powerful beneficial force by providing cheaper goods and, ultimately, less working hours for everyone. Hierarchies turn the deflation ‘gift’ to the people into inflation by printing 'fiat money' (with central banks, private banks, debt and derivatives) which benefits government and industry.

3A PROFOUND CHANGE: PEOPLE TO THINGS (IN HIERARCHIES) vs. THINGS TO PEOPLE (VIA NETWORKS): There are profound implications of using networks to organise society by moving ‘things’ to people (via networks), rather than people to ‘things’ (via oil-based transport on roads to redundant property and hierarchies).

4INEVITABLE EVOLUTION TO NETWORK SOCIETY: Hierarchies no longer able to convert 3% deflation (which benefits everyone) into 3% inflation (which benefits a few). We are in ‘Trapped Transition’ resisting an inevitable 'Shift' from a high marginal cost Industrial Economy (which benefits a few) to a Zero marginal cost Network Society (which benefits everyone).

5GLOBAL OBSOLESCENCE: Entire industries and millions of companies based upon hierarchies are being replaced by single, global internet networks. For example, blockchain cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, offer superior value to the global industry than the global banking industry at zero marginal cost. Similar networks render obsolete hierarchies other parts of society (equity market, education, government, health … everywhere) that eliminate wealth transfers from citizens.

6UNEMPLOYMENT IS SOCIETY’S SUCCESS AND ONLY NETWORK SOCIETY CAN FUND IT: Productivity and deflation is the world’s most powerful force that drives lower prices for the benefit of everyone, but also creates creates unemployment. These unemployed can no longer be redeployed to new sectors or creating complexity by dividing society into smaller pieces. A new social contract delivering ‘Minimum Life (or Basic Income) is required. Only Wisdom Networks can achieve the productivity required to sustain increasing unemployed and retired members of society.

7NEW MODEL BASED ON NETWORKS RENDERS OLD HIERARCHIES MODEL OBSOLETE: we propose using Zero Marginal Cost networks (that distribute power and prosperity to everyone) rather than high marginal cost hierarchies (that centralise power and prosperity) and cause inequality.

8‘EPOCALYPSE’ WILL USHER IN THE NETWORK SOCIETY: Hierarchies have impoverished Society and the people. Most governments, banks and central banks are bankrupt and are unable to leverage further (with debt, derivatives or money printing) to maintain the status quo. An Epocalypse (economic, epoch, apocalypse and collapse) will cause a ‘Shift’ to the next stage.

9IT’S SIMPLE, JUST LINK THINGS INTO BOOKS AND SHARE: e=MC2 reduces the vast complexity of physics to something simple. The vast complexity of society can be simplifed to things = books = sectors = countries = Global Village. One method to organise society using few networks with profound implications.

10DISTRIBUTED DATA USING BLOCKCHAINFIED DATABASES: Store every 'thing' in society in global, massively scalable, secure, de-centralized, blockchainified databases.

11COLLECTIVE WISDOM CROWD CREATED IN REAL-TIME: Focus the wisdom and effort of (a global) crowd on every 'thing' across the world. People directly engage with family, sectors and society in real-time with immediate impact.

12DISTRIBUTED NETWORKS DISTRIBUTE PROSPERITY AND POWER: Non-centralised organisations and networks distribute prosperity and governance to the people.

13TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY ONLY POSSIBLE WITH NETWORK SOCIETY: Technological Singularity ushers in a new era of prosperity. Artificial Intelligence can not deliver it. It can only be achieved by restructuring human time and attention in a global network society.

14TWICE THE SOCIETY AT HALF THE COST: Network Society crowd creates a 'Minimum Life' for everyone and 3 times the output at less than half the cost of the 'Industrial Economy'.

15‘GLOBAL VILLAGE’: As few as 50 networks could achieve a ‘people driven’ Global Village in 2-5 years. This would achieve ensuring distributed prosperity and governance and eliminate all risks of centralised structures which deliver prosperity and power to a few.

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller.

Wisdom Networks are the foundation of Network Society ... let's build them.

Network Society Vision (Infographic)

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Network Society Plan (17 points)

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Wisdom Pledge: "We promise to consider Zero Marginal Cost technologies and pursue 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction in our communities".

Brexit? Opportunity! European Wisdom Network (Wisdom.to/europe) crowd creates United Europe by meshing personal/country sovereignty networks in 1-2 years (for free!)


Society Growth for everyone (not Economic Growth for the few)

  • Industrial Economy 'Economic Growth' model is obsolete. Only win/lose policies, economic stagnation, unavoidable unemployment and declining living standards remain.
  • Industrial economy centralises power and prosperity (in government, industry and few people). Network Society distributes power and prosperity (amongst every person via universally accessible networks).
  • Wisdom Networks accelerate evolution and the 'Shift' from Industrial Economy to Network Society and win/win opportunities.
  • The purpose of a Network Society is 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at ‘Zero Marginal Cost‘ in sectors, countries and the Global Village for everyone, everywhere.
  • a focus on 'Society Growth' delivers an economic and social renaissance for everyone ... twice the Society at less than half the cost, distributed governance with real-time citizen contribution in every sector, distributed prosperity, less complexity, accessible to 7bn people, 'antifragile', less resource usage, less environmental cost, less conflict.

Network Society Vision, purpose and Plan | Infographic

Collective Wisdom, Collective Prosperity and Collective Satisfaction

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society growth formula

Achieving a seamless, transparent Global Village in 2 years (with 50 networks)

  • Wisdom Networks deliver the ‘Global Village’ (by design with ‘Punctuated Reform’) with 50 networks in 2- 5 years. The mesh of networks empowers 7.3bn to organise, participate and contribute to 'things' across countries, sectors and institutions around the world. Punctuated Reform restores transition, evolution, wisdom, prosperity and peace.
  • Network Society also crowd creates the Global Village and includes global platforms for global innovation (to solve global problems), global governance, global humanitarianism (rapid failed state recovery) and a global merit based equity market for efficient capital allocation.
  • People bound by humanitarian, education and commerce feel part of a global community

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Humanitarian Wisdom

'The Shift' and 'The Plan'

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Country transformation

  • Country Wisdom Networks enables the Network Society development model to deliver the '1 Country in 1 Global Village' objectives of 'Society Growth', Minimum Life (enhanced Basic Income), Economic Transformation, Government Transformation, all-inclusive citizen empowerment, democratisation across every sector, regional/global integration and to accelerate the evolutionary Shift from Industrial Economy to Network Society.
  • Wisdom Networks proactively implement the inevitable 3rd Industrial revolution in 2-5 years (by design) and escapes 'Trapped Transition' and economic stagnation which could last 50 years.

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Government transformation

  • break the linear relationship between size of government and government spending and society outcomes by empowering the community
  • With every 'thing' in networks, the people organise everything using cloud and mobile devices in real-time. Isolated, remote government departments are a less efficient and effective method to organise society.
  • Government can focus on governance and 'Productive Knowledge' outcomes, rather than process and admninistration

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Network Democracy: restoring the balance with citizens
Open Government Partnership (OGP) Wisdom

Hierarchies vs. Networks - many high marginal cost hierarchies replaced with few zero marginal cost networks

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller[More}
  • What is Wisdom? There is a diversity of views of the meaning of wisdom. Wisdom is 'perfect knowledge' and 'optimal action' and can only be possessed by large global networks, not individuals. Wisdom Networks are part of the the next stage of economic development that organises every 'thing' in society using Zero Marginal Cost networks (mobile, internet of Everything (IoE), blockchain, wisdom networks).
  • We propose a more efficient and effective method to organise society. Millions of high marginal cost proprietary hierarchies around the world can be replaced with few zero marginal cost (free) networks.

Simple. Put every 'thing' in society into networks for everyone, everywhere

  • If we sat down with a blank sheet of paper today to design a society, the result would be something that looked like a few meshed social networks, rather millions of isolated manufacturing plants or feudal agriculture.
  • Every 'thing' in every sector across society has a virtual representation in a society-wide networks accessible to everyone.
  • Wisdom Networks organise and focus the wisdom of crowds around every 'thing' in society, everywhere for everyone via mobile devices.
  • The outcome is a real-time, Zero Marginal Cost, transparent and accessible Network Society that delivers a Third Industrial Revolution jump in productivity and quality of life for everyone.

Zero Marginal Cost networks achieve superior society outcomes

Society growth is dynamic, driven by real-time citizen participation in open networks and anti-fragile

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason

  • The 'Industrial Economy' model for determining '(economic) growth' is planned and expanded by government and industry which organises money, infrastructure, hierarchy, centralised decision making, annual planning cycles and markets to determine society focus and expansion. The people in a Network Society drive Society Growth with real-time knowledge, planning, effort and broad consensus captured and applied in all 'Community of Common Interest' wisdom networks across society. Priorities, resource allocation, capital allocation, effort and outcomes are determined by real-time citizen activity (pseudo voting) across society in real-time networks.

  • Any individual could download and deploy a wisdom network in 90-180 days to focus wisdom to focus local, national or global wisdom on community of common interest, society problem, need or challenge. Society Growth is dynamically with real-time citizen demand for network features, sector, country, regional and global networks satisfied by any individual creating a wisdom network in 90-180 days.
  • Entrepreneurs, governments, telcos and industry build a supply of wisdom networks that present the people and society with opportunity for Society Growth. Wisdom Network demand (citizen participation and contribution) determines where society expands by prioritising features, functions, wisdom and effort amongst competing local, sector, country and global networks. Wisdom networks can be launched in 90-180 days and achieve local, sector, country or global transformation in 1-5 years.

People driven-society ... people as the primary means to organise!

  • Rather than voting for between policies of two political parties, annual planning cycles and capital allocation based upon return on Investment, Society Growth is determined by real-time wisdom network demand (citizen participation and contribution) and supply (proposals to society by anyone) determines community consensus in real-time across sectors, countries and globally. The many (rather than the few) collectively determine the features, functions and growth path of society in Zero marginal Cost networks.
  • In an Industrial Economy the economic and political spheres of society are separated, fragmented, batch processed and opaque. A Network Society integrates the political and economic spheres and makes them real-time, transparent and integrates what was previously divided, fragmented, batch processed and opaque. Network Society consolidates political and economic spheres into a single mesh network which is real-time, transparent, accessilble to all and driven by the people.
  • Wisdom networks are the foundation for real-time people-driven Network Society. Government can focus on governance as the responsibility of organising society is returned to the people.

Fragile hierarchies and economies vs. Anti-fragile networks and society

  • Human intervention centralises power and prosperity and fragments society amongst hierarchies. The result is the Industrial Economy and a fragile society. Industrial Economy neither adapts or gets stronger when stressed. It continually needs to be fixed and distortion, exponential complexity and inherent systemic risk inevitably leads to crisis and collapse.
  • Zero Marginal Cost technologies and the resulting Network Society are antifragile. They get better over time, when stressed and when shocked (like nature). They are driven by people and the crowd creates stability, improvement and has neglible risk as a result of design and processes more closely reflecting nature. No single piece becomes too big or presents a risk that could ultimately cause the failure of society. The outcome is a simple person to person network (with 7bn people).

Telecommunications companies

  • increased valuations by earning 'internet' revenue from traditional telecommunications subscribers
  • no capital expenditure, higher growth and higher margins mean 10x shareholder value can be created from a traditional telecommunications subscriber.

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Network democracy

  • Network Society comprehensively empowers people across every sector within society. It also empowers people beyond their own activities.
  • People in a Network Society can have a profound impact on global governance with citizen participation around the world.
  • Network Society enables real-time citizen participation and contribution across government, industry, democracy and corporations.
  • Rather than citizen participation with a single vote for a political party or a yes/no question, technology can enable citizens to participate and and contribute daily on individual issues in industry, government, democracy across any organisation, institution or global project.

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