We provide the software to enable the Network Society

We build and support wisdom networks that enable the network society and the next stage of economic development. Wisdom networks enable a shift from unsustainable, fragmented complexity to consolidated simplicity for any community. Wisdom Networks come "Over the Top" (OTT) and give virtual wisdom (or a wisdom book) to every physical "thing" in society. This means "things" do need to be intelligent in themselves. The network gives every "thing" intelligence. Process and knowledge shifts from isolation in hierarchies to the collective network. The Network Society is about achieving so much more in the future with a fraction of the resources we have used to organise society in the past. Wisdom networks can be launched within 90-180 days and transform a community within 2-5 years.

What we do?


workshops and consulting

We are trapped between two economic development stages.
The Information Age has ended in centralised stagnation.
Wisdom Networks achieve a new era of distributed prosperity.
The change could occur in 2-5 years.


Assembly (and development)
We create Wisdom Networks by assembling the world's best open source.
We can deliver a template within 5 days ... work toward launch in 90-180 days
Networks include health, equity market, network society, management ...


manage commercialisation
We create all aspects of a venture
We turnkey ventures for corporates, industries and government
White-label solution
Courses and video training available for your team


Speaking engagements / blog
Our blog provides a perspective on the transition as it unfolds.
Our Slideshare presentations share knowledge.
Our people are available for speaking engagements.


Due diligence in one page
Our site is detailed. Some would say "busy".
We designed a self-service approach so you can learn everything you need to know.
This saves everyone time.


Let's create ...
Let's talk about bringing Wisdom to your organisation
We are on Skype, Google Hangout at your convenience.
We create private groups to discuss, organise and create.