Australia 3.0 can be enabled by Wisdom Networks. Faster download speeds are not required!

Australia 3.0 can be enabled by Wisdom Networks. Faster download speeds are not required!

Wisdom Networks enable the Network Society

Network Society is a wisdom network which manages society. Network Society achieves a rapid productivity jump, SME growth, real-time governance and democracy, patient centric healthcare, a transparent and accessible equity market and to breakthrough the GDP growth ceiling and crowd create a new era of prosperity.


Australian Wisdom

Comms Day conference presentation

Australia's NBN doesn't have a software strategy

I just finished writing a post about crowd creating a Network Society in Europe". Wisdom Networks are applicable to any country. Two years ago I wrote a post arguing that Australia's NBN also needed a software strategy to derive economic benefits. The debate has centred on speed and use and a strategy for leveraging the large investment in infrastructure has not emerged. The government has outsourced the development of applications to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Australia has great entrepreneurs, but unfortunately a work ecosystem for entrepreneurs. The result is likely to be an expensive network that waits for entrepreneurial innovation that never arrives. The beneficiaries are likely to be the ones that need speed - video downloaders. Economic benefits are derived from smarter connections and structures, not speed.

The Network Society is a software strategy for the NBN

Wisdom Networks crowd create a Network Society. The presentation above explains what and how. However, any community needs to decide three things. Firstly, they actually need to decide to pursue a Network Society. Secondly, they need to decide they want their Network Society enabled with Wisdom Networks which are likely to be cheapest and fastest means to achieve the outcome. Thirdly, they need to decide they will make the changes necessary to enable wisdom to flourish. Inevitably, there is a conflict between laws and regulation in the Information Age and those required to enable a Network Society based on Wisdom Networks.

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Australia's digital strategy

My previous post provides some additional commentary on Australia's Digital strategy at:
Australia 3.0: The NBN needs a National Application Network (Web 3.0 social, political and industrial “Central Brains”) to coordinate and achieve national innovation, collaboration, productivity and outcomes" provides some additional commentary.