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Please send a message to contact one of us in real-time using the "Contact us" button on the left. This will send us an immediate message. If we are not online, leave an offline message and we will get back to you.


Our preferred method for contact is LinkedIn. Please choose a person on our "Our people" page (under review, available shortly) and contact them through LinkedIn.

One page slides

We assemble one page slides for inclusion in our presentations. We welcome feedback and contribution. Please make contact with one of our people to share your slide.

Member 'Now' pages

Some of our members maintain a 'Now page' which includes contact details and the capability to make 'Bookings' or schedule meetings immediately.

Country or Sector contacts and groups

Some pages identify country or sector contacts.

Some pages identify country or sector social, LinkedIn and meetup groups.

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We provide suggested videos and links across various topics within our 6 methodologies. If you would like to recommend a link for inclusion, please use the form below.