Course: Wisdom ‘Builder’


gnome-network-preferencesThis course provides an overview of the technology underlying wisdom networks and training on how to customise wisdom networks and communities within Network Society.

Note: We are moving to a more sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS) to provide guided training and expanding the content.

Technology overview
1 Wisdom Networks technology overview: assembling the best innovation of open source software communities Presentation
2 An overview of the Wisdom/OTT features of Wisdom Books Presentation
3 Wisdom Networks features and functionality Video 25 mins
4 Network Society demonstration for due diligence purposes Video 35:14
5 How to login to the front end (web site users) and backend (administrators) Video
6 How to edit the front end and what is seen by web site users on each page Video
7 How to create new things (Introduction) Video
8 Creating new things by copying and changing an existing thing (25 steps in one hour) Video
9 Peer to peer content reveals knowledge and tools focus effort and deliver community wisdom
10 Tags define things, people, processes, content, forms and outcomes within a community
11 A page content element can be thousands of different things depending on a combination of tags, source, templates ... multiplying the possibilities combining pieces
12 How to create, edit, tag and link things in the back end Video
13 Templates drive look and feel of web pages, PDF, Word documents, SBRL … Video
14 Templates drive web content elements … change one template, changes everywhere!
15 Word, PDF and SBRL documents Video
16 Templates drive user management of content Video
17 A universal tool to generate create and edit content for front end users Video
18 ECommerce and business model management Video
19 How things (and books) are stored
20 The ECommerce store defines the business model … and delivers differential pricing based on tags Video
21 Clearing caches in Typo3, Chrome, Firefox and the server (important during active development) Video

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