Course: Wisdom ‘Leader’


Wisdom Leader courseThis course introduces Wisdom Networks and the Network Society. In this course, we offer an insight into the shift from the Information Age to Network Society, revealing knowledge in the Internet of Everything (IoE), focusing the Wisdom of Crowds on priority outcomes and a restructure of human interaction from from telecommunications to telewisdom. Telewisdom exchanges wisdom between multiple people in real-time. Telecommunications transmits information between two points.


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NOTE: The Resources page for a complete list of due diligence material. Presentations include health, education, equity market, innovation, regional integration and National Wisdom Networks. Due diligence material include technology overviews, financial models and business plan templates.
Economic development
1 Wisdom in 3: How to achieve global wisdom and prosperity in 3 steps in 3 years (explained in 3 minutes) Video 3:01
2 The Shift from Information Age to Network Society Video 4:26
Network Society
3 A brief introduction to Wisdom Networks and Network Society Video 8:27
4 The Trouble with Things is that “none of these things talk to one another” and people connect the things … the network should connect the things! Video 5:21
5 Wisdom Networks create wisdom (knowledge and outcomes) by coming "Over the Top" and aggregating/linking things in the Internet of Everything Video
6 Wisdom achieve prosperity: the next stage of productivity, growth and society Presentation
7 Society Wisdom: Wisdom networks crowd create Network Society Presentation
8 Health Wisdom demonstrated Video 5:28
9 Health Wisdom: Wisdom Networks crowd create personal healthcare Presentation
Equity Market and Governance
10 Equity Market (and Governance) Wisdom demonstrated Video 4:50
11 Equity Market Wisdom: Wisdom Networks crowd create equity market revolution and evolution Presentation
12 Education Wisdom demonstrated Video 2:52
13 Education Wisdom crowd creates global education, innovation, research and industry integration Presentation
Regional Integration and country presentations
14 European Wisdom crowd creates European Network Society (regional integration) Presentation
15 Australian Wisdom / Let's crowd create Australia 3.0 in 2 years with $500k Presentation (2)
Wisdom Network features and functionality
15 An overview of the Wisdom/OTT features of Wisdom Books Presentation
16 Wisdom Networks features and functionality overview for due diligence Video 22:38
17 Network Society demonstration for due diligence Video 35:14
18 Wisdom Networks technology overview: assembling the best innovation of open source software communities Presentation
Business model, financial forecast and shareholder returns
19 Wisdom Networks: business model, financial forecast and shareholder value Presentation
20 Network Society increases productivity and output by by recovering time lost to the Information Age and organising contribution from everyone Video 3:25
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22 Services Web page

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