'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller.

If people sat down with a blank sheet of paper today to solve the issue of forms, this is the 'Forms' system they would design for tomorrow. It is a quick, easy and comprehensive paradigm (or platform) shift using current technologies. Simply, every 'thing' in every sector across society has a virtual representation in a society-wide, blockchainified, massively scalable databases accessible to everyone. Wisdom Networks organise and focus the wisdom of crowds around every 'thing' in society, everywhere for everyone via mobile devices. The outcome is a real-time, Zero Marginal Cost, transparent and accessible Network Society that delivers a Third Industrial Revolution jump in productivity and quality of life for everyone. The crowd can begin with a small problem and expand to sector, country, region and the Global Village.

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason
Network Society 'pitch'
(3m audio)

by Marcus Cake

Generic transcript available here

Forms Wisdom - crowd creates the preparation of Forms!
exchanges all 6 elements of wisdom and corordinates workflow for Form preparationbetween people, sectors, government, regulatory agencies, countries, regions and around the world in real-time via mobile devices by applying the Network Society development model. Zero Marginal Cost Networks (internet, massively scalable 'blockchainified' databases, wisdom networks, mobile devices, distributed apps, distributed databases, open source software etc) and the resulting Network Society development model offer a superior, efficient, effective global and costless means to organise society (sectors, countries and the Global Village) and focus community wisdom on society outcomes and a Minimum Life (or enhanced Basic Income) for everyone.
society growth formula

Executive summary
Enables the 3rd Industrial Revolution, distributed prosperity, distributed governance, government transformation, economic transformation, society transformation, all-inclusive citizen empowerment, democratisation across every sector and country and accelerates the Shift to Network Society.

Network Society unites people within a few networks. Industrial Economy divides people with millions of hierarchies.

Network Society consolidates all 8 types of capital underlying prosperity and 6 types of wisdom in a few networks to crowd create satisfaction and a Minimum Life (or enhanced Basic Income) for everyone at 'Zero Marginal cost', rather than exponential fragmentation, centralisation and high marginal cost of the Industrial Economy. Launch in 90-180 days. Transformation in 2-5 years.

Quickly switch between things, books, sectors, countries, languages ... only 3 clicks to participate or contribute to any 'thing' in the world!

Wisdom Pledge: "We promise to consider Zero Marginal Cost technologies and pursue Society Growth by maximising collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction in our communities".

Forms screenshot


To understand wisdom and Network Society, you must read 'Country' page first

Sectors are a subset of the Network Society. Each sector is a subset of the Network Society. Within a Network Society, sectors and countries use a common method ( things = books = sectors = countries = global village) to exchange wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge wisdom). There are exponential benefits from using a common method of exchanging wisdom across individuals, families, sectors, countries, regions and the global village, rather than fragmenting wisdom and sectors using an Industrial Economy model. Network Society development model enables citizens to actively participate in sector governance and service delivery within the community, rather than citizen non-participation because sector governance and service delivery is isolated in hierarchies outside the community.

NOTE: Country pages provide a comprehensive introduction to the Network Society development model. Sector pages only offer brief extracts and some sector specific content. To understand wisdom, you MUST READ a country page for a comprehensive overview of the Network Society development model.

Forms Wisdom - workflow amongst people

Workflow diagrams in 'Google Drive' folders.

Governance and Forms Wisdom demonstrated (Video)


Our groups pursue wisdom

Our Groups pursue Wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge, wisdom). The purpose of our groups is to organise wisdom for each community of common interest - countries, sectors or explore new applications. Wiser groups are separated from irrational ones with 4 key attributes (diversity of opinion, independence, decentralisation, aggregation) and the 8 conjectures capture the 'wisdom of crowds' approach. Our groups will be moderated (people banned and comments removed) where wisdom is not contributed. Groups are not a place for irrationality, they are a place for constructive statements that genuinely explore the potential of a wisdom network in achieving prosperity within a community of common interest. Why you think something is exponentially more valuable than what you you think. Unprofessional, unconstructive or worthless contribution will result in comments removed and members removed from the group.

We aim to provide a safe productive place for all stakeholders in society to develop wisdom about the possibility of a wisdom network in achieving community outcomes. With this in mind, we have established groups in Google+, Facebook and specific country networks. Some are public, some are private with strict rules regarding confidentiality. We can not advance wisdom without groups, but all groups must pursue wisdom. Your participation in groups should be considered an enhanced private conversation in a community with a common interest in achieving wisdom within a specific community. Groups also provide the means to achieve global wisdom in our content (introduction documents, countries and sectors) by harnessing global and local wisdom across the world. Our groups are listed here. Our Google Drive folders are listed here.

NOTE:To be accepted, each member's profile must include a photo and must reveal how they can contribute wisdom to the group.

Our people contribute wisdom in our, or your, groups (not evangelism)

We can also participate in private groups established for specific purposes.Our team would be pleased to participate in groups established by others. Please contact us if you would like one of Our people to participate and contribute in a group established by you. Our people will always focus on the applicability of Wisdom Networks given the unique attributes of a specific community of common interest. We will not evangelise. We aim to contribute and encourage the creation of wisdom. If we don’t contribute ‘wisdom’ to your group, then we would expect our comments and people to be removed as well.

Google+ (general)


If you want to include Google Plus Community Badges on your web site, please see this Google Badge page.

Network Society is a mesh (or pyramid) of linked country, sector and global Wisdom Networks

Each network seamlessly integrates with others to crowd create a mesh of people, their devices and things in the Internet of Everything (IoE)

20 minute video introduction

Wisdom Networks accelerate the Shift from Industrial Economy to Network Society. This is analogous of a shift from candles to electricity. Developing countries can jump an economic development stage and go straight to Network Society. This is analogous to jumping the investment in fixed copper telecommunications networks and installing cheaper, faster mobile phone networks.

Global Wisdom in 3!
3 steps, 3 years, 3 minutes
(3:01 video)
Global Wisdom (3:01 video)

Global Wisdom (3:01 video)

The Shift / Singularity
It's just evolution ... and overdue!
(4:26 video)
The Shift (4:26 video)

The Shift (4:26 video)

Network Society demonstration
An elective singularity!
(8:27 video)
Network Society (8:27 video)

Network Society (8:27 video)

Singularity productivity
person to person telewisdom
(3:26 video)
Jump in productivity (3:26 video)

Jump in productivity (3:26 video)

Google Drive

Distribution: We use Google Drive for to distribute documents. We do provide a link to Google Drive folders for various countries and sectors. By clicking on the link, we are sent your request for access to the folder. The email address you use to make the request and the Google+ profile should inform us about you. We are keen to share and collaborate with people with an interest in the sector or country requested. If you do not have a Google+ profile or account, please use contact our people or email us using the contact us button on the left to arrange alternative or anonymous access.

Collaboration:We are keen to collaborate with local people with local knowledge in each country. Google Drive provides a means for collective editing and creation of documents in a single location.


Wisdom Networks are part of the Network Society 'Technology Stack' and provide a 'Digital Twin' of physical things in society, and bring the wisdom of crowds to those things. Wisdom Networks enable all-inclusive citizen empowerment and democratisation across every sector. 100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and "a profound change in the economics of the world we live in".

All 6 "things" in the cloud
(not just 2)

People put "things" in books and share them across society

Network Society empowers every person by organising every “thing” in Society in the “Internet of Everything" (IoE) into shared books, just like people already do with their social lives. Everyone can participate and contribute to every “thing”, everywhere, across every sector in society in real-time via their mobile devices. Network Society organises collective knowledge, collective governance and collective action in real-time. Network Society is “The App” that drives economic and social development across sectors and countries. Our sector pages provide comprehensive information including screenshots and community definitions (in IoE terms).

Sectors - Google Drive folder access

Google Drive Folder
Wisdom Network Sectors (Education, health, equity market, governance, government etc )

Due diligence

Due diligence - Google Drive folder access

Google Drive Folder
Wisdom Network Due diligence documents (Stage 4)


Deploy in 90-180 days

Deploy individual Sectors or all Network Society

Consumer Wisdom ($100 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers create $1.2bn in shareholder value

1m subscribers acquired in 2 years generates annual revenue of $100m yielding $70m in profit and creating more than $700m (Telco P/E of 13) to $1.2b (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. 100k subscribers acquired over 2 years generates 10m in revenue yielding $7m in profit and creating more than $70m (Telco P/E of 13) to $120m (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. This assumes ARPU consumer pricing of $100.

Additional information and explanation is available on our Wisdom Network financial model page.

Industrial Wisdom - ($1,000 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers creates $12bn in shareholder value

High value industries like Equity Market and Health could generate an ARPU of $1,000 per user. These could have a global audience to attract 1m subscribers. Simplistically, 1m subscribers create = $12bn in shareholder value.

Ventures - Google Drive folder access

Google Drive Folder
Wisdom Network Ventures - relevant documents and projects (Stage 5)

What is your role in the Shift?

Read our ’16 point plan to achieve transition, wisdom, prosperity and peace’! Choose a country, sector or institution! Own your role in the transition! Interested in working with wisdom? Please join our LinkedIn Group or a community.

Thinker (considers)

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  • Access to social network groups in health, education, equity market, Networked Society and Global Wisdom. See contact page for details or our public groups.
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Builder (creates)

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Producer (organises)

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  • Producers assemble the people, software and business
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Leader (inspires)

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  • All the benefits of prior levels
  • Private support from one of our people to help drive adoption of large numbers of people
  • Discretion assured (unless otherwise agreed)

NOTE: Our inspiration for the titles Thinkers, Builders, Producers comes from here.

First Mover Advantage

First Mover Advantage will be critical. The "Third Industrial Revolution" means that a much smaller group of people achieve the same service sector outcomes with only a few countries providing these services for the global community. Any country could develop significant shareholder value, export revenue and prosperity by adding a "Third Industrial Revolution" strategy to their sectors. 30 Telecommunications companies (or one of them) are uniquely positioned to transform the lives of 76.1% of the global population in 2 years. Anyone that could assemble a community with a common interest could deploy a wisdom networks. Celebrities may in fact be the most effective in encouraging adoption and the use of wisdom networks across sectors and countries.

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller.

VISION: 'Meaning of life' and Purpose of Society

The ‘meaning of life‘ and purpose of society is successive accumulation of collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction by individuals, countries and globally. The purpose of a Network Society is to maximise 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at ‘Zero Marginal Cost‘ in sectors, countries and institutions around the world for the benefit of people.Prosperity lies beyond centralisation, fragmentation and monetisation of society.

Collective Wisdom, Collective Prosperity and Collective Satisfaction

Download: PNG ; PDF

PLAN: 'Global Village' in 2 years

‘More with less’ Evolution delivers this life and purpose (by default), but it’s delayed by ‘Trapped Transition’ (10-50 years). Wisdom Networks and ‘Global Village’ delivers it (by design with ‘Punctuated Reform’) with 50 networks in 2- 5 years. The mesh of networks empowers 7.3bn to organise, participate and contribute to 'things' across countries, sectors and institutions around the world. Punctuated Reform restores transition, evolution, wisdom, prosperity and peace.

'The Shift' and 'The Plan'
(on one page)

Download: PNG ; PDF
We all have a role to play in a country, sector or institutions to drive 'Punctuated Reform' and the transition to a Global Village, global innovation (to solve global problems), global governance, global humanitarianism, global capital allocation and 'Minimum Life' (not Basic Income) in 2-5 years! Join a group! Start a venture! Make the 'Wisdom Pledge'!

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