'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller.

If aid workers sat down with a blank sheet of paper today, this is the humanitarian aid they would design for tomorrow. People helping people directly in a global, virtual network! It is a quick, easy and comprehensive paradigm (or platform) shift using current technologies. Simply, every 'thing' in every sector across society has a virtual representation in a society-wide, blockchainified, massively scalable databases accessible to everyone. Wisdom Networks organise and focus the wisdom of crowds around every 'thing' in society, everywhere for everyone via mobile devices. The outcome is a real-time, Zero Marginal Cost, transparent and accessible Network Society that delivers a Third Industrial Revolution jump in productivity and quality of life for everyone. The crowd can begin with a small problem and expand to sector, country, region and the Global Village.

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason
Network Society 'pitch'
(3m audio)

by Marcus Cake

Generic transcript available here

Humanitarian Wisdom Network - crowd created recovery!
reconstructs failed states, countries, sectors and society in months (not decades) by using a Network Society development model with incrementally better models in each sector. Zero Marginal Cost Networks (internet, massively scalable 'blockchainified' databases, wisdom networks, mobile devices, distributed apps, distributed databases, open source software etc) and the resulting Network Society development model offer a superior, efficient, effective global and costless means to organise society (sectors, countries and the Global Village) and focus community wisdom on society outcomes and a Minimum Life (or enhanced Basic Income) for everyone.
society growth formula

Executive summary
Enables the 3rd Industrial Revolution, distributed prosperity, distributed governance, economic transformation, government transformation, all-inclusive citizen empowerment, democratisation across every sector, regional/global integration and accelerates the Shift to Network Society.

Network Society consolidates all 8 types of capital underlying prosperity and 6 types of wisdom in a few networks to crowd create satisfaction and a Minimum Life (or enhanced Basic Income) for everyone at 'Zero Marginal cost', rather than exponential fragmentation, centralisation and high marginal cost of the Industrial Economy. Launch in 90-180 days. Transformation in 2-5 years.

Quickly switch between things, books, sectors, countries, languages ... only 3 clicks to participate or contribute to any 'thing' in the world!

Wisdom Pledge: "We promise to consider Zero Marginal Cost technologies and pursue Society Growth by maximising collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction in our communities".

Network Society unites people within a few networks at 'Zero Marginal cost with an open, transparent and accessible platform. Network Society uses a single method to exchange wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge, wisdom) and aggregates prosperity (all 8 types) across every sector, country and globally to crowd create the Global Village, a Minimum Life (enhanced Basic Income) and other exponential benefits. Industrial Economy divides people with millions of hierarchies at high marginal cost using proprietary channels. Network Society achieves 'more' overall individual, country and global prosperity 'with less' economy, GDP, environmental cost and resource consumption. Total prosperity gains more than offset any loss in material and financial prosperity resulting from the Epocalypse that ushers in the Network Society.

Humanitarian Wisdom reconstructs failed states, countries, sectors and societies in months (cold start) or weeks (hot start). Societies cease to function for a variety of reasons. In an Industrial Economy, the institutions that organises the economy and society simply cease to function in collapse, crisis, dysfunction or war. They are not resilient. The collapse of society and their economy is an all too common occurrence throughout history and models for reconstruction are haphazard. The physical and organisational infrastructure that has taken generations to develop ceases to function for the benefit of the people. Network Society development model offers a specific hot and cold start for failed states that mean reconstruction of society can take weeks/months, not decades.

The objective is to create Productive Knowledge fast

A Network Society Development model can achieve a functioning society in months. It begins with the end in mind. The end is to organise Productive Knowledge, the foundation of society prosperity. Productive Knowledge is "the social accumulation of things made productive in teams, organisations and markets".

Productive Knowledge can be organised instantly using a Network Society development model, rather than rather than physical structures of the Industrial Economy development model which takes decades. The objective in crisis countries is the the creation of Productive Knowledge as fast as possible. The next stage is to add the modern elements to create a modern society with the benefit of a fully functional society operating in a network of people, their devices and a cloud app.

Society growth is dynamic, driven by real-time citizen participation in open networks and anti-fragile

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason

  • The 'Industrial Economy' model for determining '(economic) growth' is planned and expanded by government and industry which organises money, infrastructure, hierarchy, centralised decision making, annual planning cycles and markets to determine society focus and expansion. The people in a Network Society drive Society Growth with real-time knowledge, planning, effort and broad consensus captured and applied in all 'Community of Common Interest' wisdom networks across society. Priorities, resource allocation, capital allocation, effort and outcomes are determined by real-time citizen activity (pseudo voting) across society in real-time networks.

  • Any individual could download and deploy a wisdom network in 90-180 days to focus wisdom to focus local, national or global wisdom on community of common interest, society problem, need or challenge. Society Growth is dynamically with real-time citizen demand for network features, sector, country, regional and global networks satisfied by any individual creating a wisdom network in 90-180 days.
  • Entrepreneurs, governments, telcos and industry build a supply of wisdom networks that present the people and society with opportunity for Society Growth. Wisdom Network demand (citizen participation and contribution) determines where society expands by prioritising features, functions, wisdom and effort amongst competing local, sector, country and global networks. Wisdom networks can be launched in 90-180 days and achieve local, sector, country or global transformation in 1-5 years.

People driven-society ... people as the primary means to organise!

  • Rather than voting for between policies of two political parties, annual planning cycles and capital allocation based upon return on Investment, Society Growth is determined by real-time wisdom network demand (citizen participation and contribution) and supply (proposals to society by anyone) determines community consensus in real-time across sectors, countries and globally. The many (rather than the few) collectively determine the features, functions and growth path of society in Zero marginal Cost networks.
  • In an Industrial Economy the economic and political spheres of society are separated, fragmented, batch processed and opaque. A Network Society integrates the political and economic spheres and makes them real-time, transparent and integrates what was previously divided, fragmented, batch processed and opaque. Network Society consolidates political and economic spheres into a single mesh network which is real-time, transparent, accessilble to all and driven by the people.
  • Wisdom networks are the foundation for real-time people-driven Network Society. Government can focus on governance as the responsibility of organising society is returned to the people.

Fragile hierarchies and economies vs. Anti-fragile networks and society

  • Human intervention centralises power and prosperity and fragments society amongst hierarchies. The result is the Industrial Economy and a fragile society. Industrial Economy neither adapts or gets stronger when stressed. It continually needs to be fixed and distortion, exponential complexity and inherent systemic risk inevitably leads to crisis and collapse.
  • Zero Marginal Cost technologies and the resulting Network Society are antifragile. They get better over time, when stressed and when shocked (like nature). They are driven by people and the crowd creates stability, improvement and has neglible risk as a result of design and processes more closely reflecting nature. No single piece becomes too big or presents a risk that could ultimately cause the failure of society. The outcome is a simple person to person network (with 7bn people).

Industrial Economy development model takes years/decade to reconstruct society

After society, its institution and economy have collapsed, the time and resource consuming process of reconstruction begins. The Productive Knowledge to organise society needs to be organised and the race to create Productive Knowledge across all sectors within society begins. With an Industrial Economy approach to Productive Knowledge, it begins with creating the isolated centralist institutions that organise society. This process takes years and requires physical structures to organise Productive Knowledge. Only after these physical structure are in place can the process of society begin. In the words of Stephen Covey, let’s begin with the end in mind. The objective is to organise Productive Knowledge that drives society and economy. We can do this in weeks in a world where everyone is, or can be, connected with smartphones.

Physical vs Virtual - a choice? Only virtual in times of crisis!

Currently, the Industrial Economy is considered the only choice available to organise society. Network Society is also available as a means to achieve societal and economic outcomes.

Hardware vs Software defined communities

Industrial Economy vs Network Society

Network Society is a superior solution that achieves outcomes faster, distributes governance and prosperity. In crisis and a time of suffering, all effort and resources need to be directed toward achieving society outcomes fast. If the outcome required is a fully functional society and economy in the shortest time frame at minimal expense, Network Society is the only option. Over the longer term, it also offers maximum society with minimal administrative cost and hierarchical overhead.

Network Society crowd creates Productive Knowledge in every sector fast (months?)

Network Society offers an alternative development model for organising society. Society is organised to “things” in the Internet of Everything. Productive Knowledge can be organised a fast as the citizens of society can register and participate. In a crisis with proactive management, or necessity, citizens must turn to the network as both a producer of “things” and a consumer of “things”. They are highly motivated to participate because there is no alternative.


Wisdom Networks are part of the Network Society 'Technology Stack' and provide a 'Digital Twin' of physical things in society, and bring the wisdom of crowds to those things. Wisdom Networks enable all-inclusive citizen empowerment and democratisation across every sector. 100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and "a profound change in the economics of the world we live in".

All 6 "things" in the cloud
(not just 2)

People put "things" in books and share them across society

Network Society empowers every person by organising every “thing” in Society in the “Internet of Everything" (IoE) into shared books, just like people already do with their social lives. Everyone can participate and contribute to every “thing”, everywhere, across every sector in society in real-time via their mobile devices. Network Society organises collective knowledge, collective governance and collective action in real-time. Network Society is “The App” that drives economic and social development across sectors and countries. Our sector pages provide comprehensive information including screenshots and community definitions (in IoE terms).

The outcome is that every person in society can organise personal, commercial and family outcomes across every sector of society. In essence, society can organise itself.

Cold start - isolated and alone

Anyone can offer a network society. Government, telecommunications companies and/or NGO’s are possible providers of a Wisdom Network to operate a Network Society. Ideally, one network could span all of society, but different sectors could be operated by different parties. To minimise fragmentation of Productive Knowledge in a crisis, everyone should focus on organising every “thing” and sector in one Network Society application. Fragmentation is death for Productive Knowledge.

A minimalist plan

Deploy in 90-180 days

Deploy individual Sectors or all Network Society

A cold start 'Network Society' is outlined below:
  • Web hosting capacity: Network Society application available on a server with the bandwidth to serve everyone. If Amazon web services is close to the crisis, then simply serve the application from an Amazon Web Services data center. Maybe, this is as simple as cloning an existing server in an hour and renaming the application “[Country] Wisdom” or “[Region] Wisdom”.
  • established data connectivity: there is still likely to be an installed base of mobile telephone tower and phone handsets.
  • additional crowd created connectivity (phones and routers): in areas where there may not be internet coverage the mesh networks could be spawned that provide both hardware and software. Serval Mesh is a free Android application allows one handset to share its internet access with others. Open source router software (like dd-wrt) could crowd create connectivity by simply connecting all routers across a country. Home wifi routers all reach each other. Entire cities could be connected using existing home routers in a public mesh.
  • Smart phone and router donations: Money won’t help or reach people in a crisis. Smart phones mean they can join a Network Society. Smart phones also provide infrastructure to provide connections to others. Cheap routers could also be deployed.
  • Transparency and accountability: every citizen in society is transparent to all the others. If a crime is committed, that crime can be recorded as a “thing” in the network and dealt with when society creates the means to process them and provide ultimate or real-time accountability. Everyone can see exactly what everyone else is contributing to reconstruction with a points system that measures quantitative contribution. A qualitative system means that no single member of society can operate without a public record being created in real-time.
  • Managing assets: Network Society could act as a means to organise, record ownership and maintain public and private assets (shares, land, power poles, water pipes, man hole covers, sweres etc). Over time, some assets such as shares and land would would need to be transferred to a blockchain which is “shared public ledger of every transaction which has ever taken place”. Items in a blockchain could still be “things” that are linked to in Network Society.
  • Easy to participate: all around the world, people participate in social networks and Facebook. The people would simply use their existing Facebook account to login to the Network Society. The Facebook or other social network profile would identify the individual.
  • Exponential simplicity: The Network Society operates just like social networks. People organise things into books and share them. Exponentially simplicity across all sectors with a single method of participation and contribution.
  • remote participation, contribution and services from around the world: people from around could be invited to participate, contribute, mentor and support people in their personal and professional lives in the crisis country. This could involves remote healthcare, remote education, remote governance or remote services in any sector. The global crowd could crowd create recovery in the crisis country.
  • Faster adoption: people in crisis are likely to adopt Network Society fast, given that may be the best means with which to crowd create health, education, income outcomes and capture contribution from a global community.

With this minimalist plan, society can function and organise using a people driven system. Society can collectively organise and govern rebuilding efforts. Productive Knowledge and society functioning can, after crisis, crowd create Productive Knowledge and Society in months (maybe weeks). At this point, a functional government is not necessary. Functional government can be crowd created if necessary.

Bitcrisis - the need for a medium of exchange deserves special mention

A medium of exchange is required to facilitate the exchange of products and services resulting from transactions in a network society. In times of crisis, means of exchange (fiat currency and banking systems) are no longer available and there is no medium of exchange. A quality medium of exchange to provide divisibility and accommodate value differences between exchanges is critical. The solution is to create a BitCrisis currency to solve the immediate need. BitCrisis can be transacted on the same mobile devices that people use to participate and contribute in the Network Society. BitCrisis would facilitate both costless micropayments and large international transfers.

BitCrisis (a cyptocurrency medium of exchange) can be created in an afternoon, but it is universal adoption that is key to its success. Perhaps, this means of exchange would be backed by a country, telco or NGO to give people confidence to use it. A third party would simply offer to exchange the Bitcrisis currency for another currency in the world at a fixed rate (ie Bitshares). With Network Society and BitCrisis, society can function and the natural inclination of people within society to trade and prosper is unleashed very quickly after the crisis has ended.

Hot start - integrated into a larger global community (ie adoption)

A distributed world enmeshed by sector and country wisdom network presents some profound opportunities for helping rebuild the society and economy of crisis countries and then people within them. It is the hot start that is an exciting and profound humanitarian possibility. Network Society crowd creates all sectors of society (health, education, governance, government, democracy) across society. The “things” that organise sectors within society are common across societies. Language may change, but “things” are the same across sectors and countries.

A ‘hot start’ Network Society means that a society can get on its feet much faster after crisis or collapse. In essence, a crisis country simply utilises the existing network of a larger, established Network Society. With Productive Knowledge and Society already organised virtually in one country or amongst one telecommunications company, those processes and infrastructure are simply shared with the crisis country. A Network Society that is already operating could simply makes its network (and the people in it!) available to the crisis country. This host network has the advantage of a huge crowd of people that can contribute their time to the crisis country.It is unlikely that new “things” would need to be added to the host network, but “things” could be added if necessary. Each person in a specific role in the crisis country could be assigned a mentor in the host country to guide them on using Network Society and their role in the community.

Modern Society can be created faster by a fully functional society

Our cold or hot start created a Society for a crisis country fast by organising Productive knowledge in networks. Modern society becomes the next objective. The infrastructure across society needs to be replaced and rebuilt. This includes buildings and equipment within each sector. Those decisions can be prioritised using the collective governance features of Network Society. Buildings and other items could be 3D printed. Where private investment was appropriate, Equity Market Wisdom could ensure a transparent and efficient capital allocation process in creating society’s infrastructure. A society was created quickly. Adding the modern element to society will take longer. However, given a fully functional society with effective governance and organisation skills, the Network Society is likely to crowd create the modern elements of society much faster.

Potential adoptions - country, telcos and person to person


  • Countries adopting countries: There are many countries in crisis around the world. There are many older brothers (China, Europe, Russia, USA) that could adopt them for a period of time until they get back on their feet. When the crisis society has been restored, the crisis country simply carves off its own country wisdom network (if necessary).
  • city to city: a well established city could adopt a less developed city with mentors assigned to people in the crisis country
  • Brazil (and 800m Portuguese speaking people around the world) could adopt Timor Leste
  • Russian Wisdom could adopt the people in crisis in Eastern Ukraine given proximity, a common language and a deep cultural bonds.
  • Celebrities also have the audience and global brand to assemble people quickly to deliver Humanitarian Wisdom (ie; Matt Damon Wisdom? Angelina Jolie Wisdom?)
  • teachers adopting students: A retired teacher could assemble and teach classes in the third world to hundreds or thousands of students.
  • doctors and nurses adopting patients: A doctor or nurse could provide remote care to anyone.
  • western investors adopting emerging market entrepreneurs
  • person to person: each person adopting one or more people in less fortunate circumstances in the third world.

Unleash a new era of prosperity, peace and global contribution?

In a truly global community, the larger, highly functional societies (China Wisdom, European Wisdom, Russian Wisdom, USA Wisdom) could adopt poorer, less functional countries. The less functional countries could retain their control and identity, but would leverage the wisdom and infrastructure of a larger crowd. There could be no restrictions in utilising the host country network society. Any person can participate and contribute to any “thing” in any network. This would unleash a new era of prosperity and peace that only a Network Society could deliver because it virtualises Productive Knowledge. Any Network Society could capture global contribution and focus it on crisis countries to restore prosperity and peace. If necessary, the crisis country could ultimately establish their own network society and transfers the "things" constituting their own society to their own network.

Only one model Network Society is required

A Network Society can be operated by 30 people. The people crowd create society in all sectors. The Hot start could be provided by countries, governments, telecommunications companies and their customers, NGO's or any large community that adopts the humanitarian goal of reconstructing a country or one of its sectors. Celebrities may be the most effective humanitarian force given their capacity to inspire and assemble a crowd to adopt a country and crowd create its reconstruction. Only one Network Society is required to provide a model and mentoring for crisis countries. This model Network Society could be crowd created by a country, governments, telecommunications companies. Perhaps, only ten thousand people could become a million people in a functional network society could provide the foundation for a Network Society in a crisis country. People in the model Network Society could also earn income for providing services to the crisis country, or the crisis country could be supported with volunteers. The retired and unemployed could make a significant contribution to crisis countries remotely.

The right to self-determination provides a peaceful process ... Network Society provides fast outcomes

Some crisis within country are a result of mixing incompatible cultures within a political union, or country. The solution to this can be peaceful and need not result in civil war, or a fight by competing cultures for control of the political system within a country. All parties are bound by treaties with the United Nations. The right to self determination provides a peaceful and established means to resolve cultural differences within political unions (or countries).

Quote from Wikipedia

The right of nations to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law (commonly regarded as a jus cogens rule), binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter’s norms. It states that nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsion or interference[3] which can be traced back to the Atlantic Charter, signed on 14 August 1941, by Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, and Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who pledged The Eight Principal points of the Charter. The principle does not state how the decision is to be made, or what the outcome should be, whether it be independence, federation, protection, some form of autonomy or full assimilation. Neither does it state what the delimitation between nations should be—or what constitutes a nation. In fact, there are conflicting definitions and legal criteria for determining which groups may legitimately claim the right to self-determination.

Quote from Encyclopedia Princetoniensis: The Princeton Encyclopedia of Self Determination

Self-determination has two aspects, internal and external. Internal self-determination is the right of the people of a state to govern themselves without outside interference. External self-determination is the right of peoples to determine their own political status and to be free of alien domination, including formation of their own independent state. However, independence is not the only possible outcome of an exercise of self-determination.

The possibilities under the right of self-determination empowered by Network Society are profound. The simplest application of the right to self-determination would be a State separating from a country. This could be a result of cultural differences or simply a unique identity developed in a specific state of geography over time. However, the process and outcomes of self-determination are not defined. Perhaps, a group of people (ie Android phone users) could choose to govern themselves using a Network Society and still remain within a country. The right of self-determination by a group can be exercised physically, but could it be exercised virtually.

A Network Society development model (hot or cold start) could provide cultural groups within mixed political unions the opportunity to separate and establish a new country and society quickly. The process could be peaceful and establishing the new country could be much faster than an Industrial Economy model. Network Society also provides an exponential greater opportunity for self-determination, participation and contribution across every sector of society and, hopefully, provides a sustainable and long term platform for prosperity and peace for the crisis country.

Our groups pursue wisdom

Our Groups pursue Wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge, wisdom). The purpose of our groups is to organise wisdom for each community of common interest - countries, sectors or explore new applications. Wiser groups are separated from irrational ones with 4 key attributes (diversity of opinion, independence, decentralisation, aggregation) and the 8 conjectures capture the 'wisdom of crowds' approach. Our groups will be moderated (people banned and comments removed) where wisdom is not contributed. Groups are not a place for irrationality, they are a place for constructive statements that genuinely explore the potential of a wisdom network in achieving prosperity within a community of common interest. Why you think something is exponentially more valuable than what you you think. Unprofessional, unconstructive or worthless contribution will result in comments removed and members removed from the group.

We aim to provide a safe productive place for all stakeholders in society to develop wisdom about the possibility of a wisdom network in achieving community outcomes. With this in mind, we have established groups in Google+, Facebook and specific country networks. Some are public, some are private with strict rules regarding confidentiality. We can not advance wisdom without groups, but all groups must pursue wisdom. Your participation in groups should be considered an enhanced private conversation in a community with a common interest in achieving wisdom within a specific community. Groups also provide the means to achieve global wisdom in our content (introduction documents, countries and sectors) by harnessing global and local wisdom across the world. Our groups are listed here. Our Google Drive folders are listed here.

NOTE:To be accepted, each member's profile must include a photo and must reveal how they can contribute wisdom to the group.

Our people contribute wisdom in our, or your, groups (not evangelism)

We can also participate in private groups established for specific purposes.Our team would be pleased to participate in groups established by others. Please contact us if you would like one of Our people to participate and contribute in a group established by you. Our people will always focus on the applicability of Wisdom Networks given the unique attributes of a specific community of common interest. We will not evangelise. We aim to contribute and encourage the creation of wisdom. If we don’t contribute ‘wisdom’ to your group, then we would expect our comments and people to be removed as well.

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Wisdom Networks enable
Network Society

Facebook (general)

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Wisdom Networks enable
Network Society

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Appendix - Supporting information

Country Wisdom strategy - One potential path

2. Education Transformation

redeploy under-utilised people fast

3. Economic/society Transformation

Evolve into other/all sectors of Society

4. Humanitarian Transformation

Help local and global people fast

5. Democracy Transformation

Real-time transparent citizen contribution

6. Government Transformation

Collective governance and citizen participation

One potential path:
  • Stage 1 Equity market transformation: enables collective wisdom for innovation, ventures, SME's and large companies
  • Stage 2. Government Wisdom: enables real-time, transparent citizen participation across government, industry, corporations and democracy
  • Stage 3. Economic Transformation: evolve to other 'things' and sectors (health, education, equity market, etc) and achieve Network Society.
  • Stage 4. Humanitarian Transformation: helping those in crisis locally and globally simply involves adopting people and their things into your network society.
  • Stage 5. Democracy Transformation: evolve to organise all 'things' in the democratic process to enable real-time, comprehensive citizen participation in the governance of society and its key institutions.
  • Stage 6. Education Wisdom: evolution produces more with less. Unemployment is an inevitable result. Normally, people are redeployed to new sectors. These are not normal times and this process is suspended with increasing unemployment. Education Wisdom provides a global platform for educating everybody, integrating with industry and achieving a prioritised, global focus to solve some the world’s greatest challenges.

Network Society provides a quantitative and qualitative improvement over the Industrial Economy. Wisdom Networks and the resulting Network Society yields 9 times more than an Industrial Economy by organising Productive Knowledge and every ‘thing’ using the cloud, people and their devices. An Industrial Economy only values people based upon the work they apply within hierarchies to earn an income. Network Society values people based upon their contribution to networks spanning sector, country and global networks.


Wisdom Networks are part of the Network Society 'Technology Stack' and provide a 'Digital Twin' of physical things in society, and bring the wisdom of crowds to those things. Wisdom Networks enable all-inclusive citizen empowerment and democratisation across every sector. 100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and "a profound change in the economics of the world we live in".

All 6 "things" in the cloud
(not just 2)

People put "things" in books and share them across society

Network Society empowers every person by organising every “thing” in Society in the “Internet of Everything" (IoE) into shared books, just like people already do with their social lives. Everyone can participate and contribute to every “thing”, everywhere, across every sector in society in real-time via their mobile devices. Network Society organises collective knowledge, collective governance and collective action in real-time. Network Society is “The App” that drives economic and social development across sectors and countries. Our sector pages provide comprehensive information including screenshots and community definitions (in IoE terms).

What does wisdom actually look like? Screenshots!

Wisdom Networks organise society's 'things' within networks in the Internet of Everything (IOE) via people and their mobile devices. Please find some screenshot examples below of 'things' and 'books' in sectors. Please note the tabs at the top of the screen allow a person to switch between various sectors. Each sectors contains different 'things', but the underlying method of linking 'things' into 'books' and sharing them remains the same. One method of organising past, present and future means a dramatic reduction in complexity across society and a scalable solution to organise society and the global village at zero marginal cost.

'things' and 'books'

'things' and 'books'

'things' and 'books'

'things' and 'books'

Management & Organisation
'things' and 'books'

Equity Market
'things' and 'books'

Sector pages and presentations contain further screenshots and workflow diagrams for each sector.

1 consolidated method to exchange 'wisdom'

Each sector is a subset of the Network Society. Within a Network Society, sectors and countries use a common method ( things = books = sectors = countries = global village) to exchange wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge wisdom). There are exponential benefits from using a common method of exchanging wisdom across individuals, families, sectors, countries, regions and the global village, rather than fragmenting wisdom and sectors using an Industrial Economy model. Network Society development model enables citizens to actively participate in sector governance and service delivery within the community, rather than citizen non-participation because sector governance and service delivery is isolated in hierarchies outside the community.

NOTE: Society already uses the 'things' into 'books' method to organise their social life. Billions of people have been trained in this method. It just needs to be enabled in other sectors.

One method across sectors delivers exponential benefits

People link 'things' into 'books'
and share them across society

The method of combining 'things' into books and sharing them across every sector is universally applicable to organise wisdom in the Internet of Everything. Some examples:
  • Health Wisdom doctors, nurses and patient crowd creating health (via HealthBook)
  • Education Wisdom: teachers, parents and students crowd creating education ( via EducationBook)
  • Equity Market Wisdom: companies, advisers and investors crowd creating IPO's, ventures, trade sales and innovation
  • Democracy Wisdom: politicians and citizens crowd creating real-time citizen participation and democracy (via PoliticiansBook and Network Democracy
  • Government Wisdom: politicians, bureacrats, citizens and industries crowd creating governance and services outcomes
  • Governance Wisdom: governance is about directing effort to prioritised, merit based outcomes. Wisdom Networks reveal perfect knowledge and optimise action action.
  • Management Wisdom: directors (direct), managers (manage and review) and executives (execute) crowd create management and leadership within an organisation with a 3 role flat management structure
  • Regional integration: people across regions can exchange wisdom about any "thing" in any sector
  • Global: any person anywhere around the world can participate, contribute or seek humanitarian assistance from any sector in any Network Society

Books capture past (audit trail), present (knowledge) and future (plan) about every "thing"

Evolution has been crowd
creating wisdom books
over centuries

Network Democracy - real-time citizen participation across government, democracy and industry

Network Democracy is a subset of Network Society. Network Democracy is the combination of Government Wisdom, Governance Wisdom (Industry) and Democracy Wisdom. Network Society comprehensively empowers people across every sector within society. It also empowers people beyond their own activities. People in a Network Society can have a profound impact on global governance with citizen participation around the world. Network Society enables real-time citizen participation and contribution across government, industry, democracy and corporations. Rather than citizen participation with a single vote for a political party or a yes/no question, technology can enable citizens to participate and and contribute daily on individual issues in industry, government, democracy across any organisation, institution or global project.

Network Democracy
sub-set of Network Society

Government Wisdom
Citizen Participation & Contribution

Democracy Wisdom: Real-time citizen participation

Governance Wisdom (Industry) provides industry transparency

A comprehensive description is available from the article: Network Democracy: restoring the balance with real-time, comprehensive citizen participation across government, democracy and industry


One network could provide comprehensive citizen participation, governance, transparency, wisdom and access to government and industry. Stage 1 would deliver Government Wisdom with a specific focus on collective governance. Stage 2 could deliver broader citizen participation. Stage 3 could deliver build on collective government wisdom and include the democratic process. Additional stages could include industry governance and other aspects of society.

Regional Integration

Regional Wisdom uses wisdom networks (a virtual, not physical structure) to achieve regional integration of markets, product, labour, services, democracy, industry, education, health and other key sectors. Wisdom Networks provide a faster, cheaper way to integrate people, products, markets and sectors across regions or the world. Regional Wisdom enhances the depth, reach and time frame for integration. It moves beyond narrow regulatory and trade integration to providing a comprehensive wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge, wisdom) network encompassing markets, products, energy, logistics, people and focus on any or all sectors with specific or all countries.

Unlike Industrial Economy, it reaches the people and companies directly and immediately. It can assemble people and companies impacted by a new agreement quickly and deliver benefits fast. It could enable bilateral agreements, multilateral agreements or the "Global Village'.

Please look at the screenshot as an example. The one screen offers the opportunity to switch between countries (top-right), languages (top-right), sectors (top), books and things (middle) across a region or across the world. Comprehensive information is provided by the European / Regional Wisdom page.

Quickly switch between things, books, sectors, countries and languages

European Network Society
1 country or sector at a time

Predicting prosperity - The Atlas of Human complexity is most accurate predictor of country prosperity

Productive Knowledge is the pathway to global or country prosperity. It is the best available predictor of any countries prosperity. It is time to rethink Productive Knowledge and break it out of ‘physical’ prison of the Industrial Economy. We can achieve greater prosperity with significantly less resources by using a Network Society development model. A country's ranking in the Atlas of Human Complexity is the most accurate predictor of a country's prosperity. If Productive Knowledge is virtual, that knowledge can drive export revenue for countries in previously imprisoned domestic sectors.

Prosperity vs GDP

A distinction needs to be drawn between GDP and prosperity. Individuals in Network Society could thrive with greater wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction, but 'materialist' GDP could decline as high marginal cost Industrial Economy structures are replaced by Zero Marginal Cost networks. Individual prosperity is made up of 8 forms of capital (intellectual, spiritual, social, material, financial, living, cultural, experiential). National Prosperity is measured and explained using quantitative indicators representing some of these categories.

Industrial Economy fragmentation and centralisation mean that the 8 forms of capital are fragmented and isolated in millions of centralised and industrial structures. Human capital can not be efficiently or effectively organised by an Industrial Economy. Industrial Economy only organises financial wealth and financialises material wealth. GDP measures financialisation and material wealth transfers from people to government and industry. 3% GDP growth is not necessarily greater prosperity and simply means more wealth transferred from people to government and industry.

Network Society consolidates all 8 forms of capital are consolidated and focused through sector and country networks to drive individual and national prosperity. Wisdom Networks and the resulting Network Society yields 9 times more than an Industrial Economy by organising Productive Knowledge and every 'thing' using the cloud, people and their devices. Individuals can increase their productive time from 28% to 50%+ freeing more time to devote other forms of capital to contribute to 'things' across society. Click here for more.

3 steps to national prosperity

The Network Society organises Productive Knowledge virtually and achieves greater productivity with significantly less resources. The first step is to organise wisdom within country. The second step is to organise wisdom regionally. The third step is to choose a vertical in which the country has a competitive advantage and derive export earnings by organising a global sector.

People can earn income by contributing to local or international wisdom networks across all sectors within countries or around the world. Virtual customers increase demand. Virtual workers increase supply. Network Society facilitates both the export of wisdom (virtual customers) and the import of wisdom (virtual workers and virtual immigration).

3 steps to prosperity - local, regional and global

Exporting Wisdom (virtual customers) - drive prosperity by organising every "thing" around the world

Virtual customers across every sector drive economic growth faster. Network Soceity captures the participation and contribution of everyone around the world. Virtual customers in international markets drive local demand.

Importing Wisdom (virtual workers) - virtual immigration drives prosperity

A 'more with less' or deflationary environment, means GDP contracts even though society is better off. Prices have simply got lower. However, governments need nominal increases in GDP to boost tax revenue and keep debt serviceable. Immigation boosts nominal GDP in a deflationary environment, but timeframes are long and infrastructure and other costs are expensive. Network Society provides the opportunity for virtual immigration. People around the world can participate in any country's Network Society via sector and country networks. Service professionals across every sector can participate and contribute to any "thing" anywhere around the world. Virtual immigration into a Network Society boosts prosperity immediately without the costs.

Economic development (in pursuit of prosperity) will focus on securing virtual participation and contribution in a Network Society. Economic and social development will be driven by virtual platforms in the future.

Estonia has a population of 1.3m people. Estonia recently implemented an e-residency program aimed at securing 10m virtual immigrants, customers or workers by 2025. In this instance, first mover advantage is an important consideration. Even Estonia could run a global health service, for example, just by running the network that brings virtual customers and virtual workers together in a countrty or sector wisdom network. The majority of participants could reside outside Estonia. If Estonia achieves its objective, it will have a physical population of 1.3m and a virtual population of 11.3m to drive prosperity.

The path to learn about wisdom

We suggest the following stages to learn about wisdom:

  • Stage 1 (Introduction): Our Home page provides an executive summary or elevator pitch. It provides a quick summary of the 4 Shifts that drive prosperity in the 21st Century (Silk Road/Eurasia, distributed structures, the social commons, Network Society), membership levels, sectors, featured posts and selected videos.
  • Stage 2 (media): We would encourage you to review our other media which includes Featured posts (approximately 40), presentations and videos. For convenience, we have bundled this content into Flipboards (or magazines) for each sector, and for some countries. Some country Flipbooks are restricted to private audiences. Flipbooks mean you can review the content in a magazine layout on your mobile device. Our Featured posts are assembled around a theme of Network Society, economic development and the pursuit of prosperity.
  • Stage 3 (Detailed introduction): We have prepared specific landing pages which list every “thing” for sectors and countries. Our country pages includes access to detailed “introduction documents”. There are initial introduction documents for more than a 15+ countries. Communities are offered in countries and sectors for you to stay up to date, participate and ask questions.
  • Stage 4 (due diligence): Our due diligence section is intended to provide business plan templates, financial models, technology overviews for those interested in deployment.
  • Stage 5 (Ventures and collaboration): We support ventures using collaboration software, online training and services.

Most content is publicly available. However, each logged in user is shown content appropriate to their membership level. Later stages may require a certain membership level before the appropriate content becomes visible.

20 minute video introduction

Wisdom Networks accelerate the Shift from Industrial Economy to Network Society. This is analogous of a shift from candles to electricity. Developing countries can jump an economic development stage and go straight to Network Society. This is analogous to jumping the investment in fixed copper telecommunications networks and installing cheaper, faster mobile phone networks.

Global Wisdom in 3!
3 steps, 3 years, 3 minutes
(3:01 video)
Global Wisdom (3:01 video)

Global Wisdom (3:01 video)

The Shift / Singularity
It's just evolution ... and overdue!
(4:26 video)
The Shift (4:26 video)

The Shift (4:26 video)

Network Society demonstration
An elective singularity!
(8:27 video)
Network Society (8:27 video)

Network Society (8:27 video)

Singularity productivity
person to person telewisdom
(3:26 video)
Jump in productivity (3:26 video)

Jump in productivity (3:26 video)

Introduction documents (Stage 3)

Wisdom Networks enable "The Third Industrial Revolution" and accelerate The Shift from Industrial Economy (candles) to Network Society (electricity). The documents outline the use of wisdom networks to achieve the "1 [Country]" objectives of "Government Transformation" and "Economic Transformation". The [Country] Wisdom Network pursues Economic Transformation. The [Country] Government Wisdom pursues Government Transformation.

Our introduction documentation consists of 5 documents. Two encompass Economic Transformation. Two encompass Government Transformation. Current versions can always be downloaded from the links provided.

The five documents are:

  • a letter providing an overview of, and links to, key documents organised in two separate themes - Economic Transformation and Government Transformation (approx 2 pages)
  • a [Country] Wisdom Network Introduction letter (PDF ; approx 6 pages)
  • the [Country] Wisdom Network presentation (PDF ; approx 60 slides)
  • The [Country] Government Wisdom introduction letter (PDF ; approximately 4 pages)
  • The [Country] Government Wisdom presentation (PDF ; approximately 50 slides)

These documents are our latest versions. Older versions are available on this web site and Slideshare.


Equity Market Wisdom: Global crowd created innovation, research, multi-stage capital allocation and problem solving

Equity Market Wisdom crowd creates innovation, ventures, SME’s, public companies, capital allocation, governance, market transparency, meritocracy and market access globally. A single platform could provide a global functioning equity market and innovation system. This platform could be based anywhere and connect market participants (companies, advisers, investors, regulators and other stakeholders) globally.

Equity Market Wisdom provides an efficient and effective platform for the private sector allocation of capital. A complementary Humanitarian Wisdom platform provides an innovative global approach to humanitarian assistance. Equity Market Wisdom also provides foundation for collectively solving challenges confronting humanity. The global community could focus wisdom on Global issues identifies by the United Nations, UN's Eight Millennium development goals, UN's '17 goals to transform our world' and specific issues in specific countries or sectors. Additional information is available at Equity Market Wisdom.

Equity Market Wisdom: multi-stage, multi-function and global

Equity Market (including Innovation) as 'things' and 'books'

Economic renaissance of a scale not seen in a century

The Industrial Economy development model is obsolete. In the final stages of the Industrial Economy, the obsolescence follows a predictable and escalating path of conflict, crisis, collapse and war. The world has been reduced to win-lose scenarios and wealth transfers by money printing (or Quantitative easing), debt, debt defaults, bail-outs using taxpayer money, insolvent financial institutions, bail-ins using citizen bank deposits, declining real incomes, chronic trade deficits, chronic government deficits, bankrupt governments (debt/GDP > 65%) and war.

Within this turmoil, China, Russia and Eurasia are building the New Silk Road, the largest driver of economic and social development this century and described as "economic renaissance of a scale not seen in a century". Inevitable evolution, the New Silk Road and the Network Society development model all contribute to a global community that returns to wealth creation (redefined as collective prosperity, collective satisfaction and collective wisdom), win-win scenarios and peace.

As the East creates … the west tries to destroy, New Eastern Outlook, F. William Engdahl, 28th October 2015

What is beginning to emerge in what we in the West have egoistically termed the East, is construction, building new great projects to uplift a sector of mankind ignored for more that a thousand years. This transformative positive motion is what, if anything, will save our humankind from the mass death and destruction some in the West so devoutly wish for us.

China is moving forward with an impressive array of major international infrastructure projects, including with Russia and the other states of the Eurasian Economic Union, even on to the European Union. Beijing is, with customary Chinese speed, linking its economy by land and by sea lanes to all Eurasia, from the East China Sea to the Black Sea, from the Malacca Strait to the Gulf of Finland, to Piraeus in the eastern Mediterranean.

Little wonder that Washington and the American oligarchs fear they are losing control of the world. China, especially in concert with Russia and the Eurasian states are leading an economic renaissance of a scale not seen in more than a century.

The response of Washington is to offer the world a pathetic Smörgåsbord of wars–wars in the Middle East, wars in Ukraine, political destabilization of Brazil’s President who works closely with China and Russia in the BRICS group of major developing countries. They reply with Color Revolution regime-change wars everywhere imaginable from Uzbekistan to Macedonia, to Venezuela and beyond. The contrast is unavoidable for anyone caring to look. For my side, I infinitely prefer the peaceful building projects to the destroying ones.

Silk Road Wisdom - driving prosperity through participation in the worlds largest economic development project

The New Silk Road is the most significant and influential economic development project of the 21st Century. It will define and reshape the relationships and trade between all countries going forward. China’s New Silk Road promises prosperity across Eurasia. It will probably be the number one driver of prosperity for the world in the 21st Century. It is a multi-decade, multi-trillion dollar project physically touching 65 countries and 4.4 billion people with funding from a new regional development bank controlled by BRICS member states.

Country Wisdom Networks could facilitate participation by a country in the Silk Road with a significant impact on a country's economic development and prosperity over the next decades.

MORE: Silk Road Wisdom (Part 1): The “New Silk Road” is the world’s largest economic and social development project and driver of 21st Century prosperity and each country wisdom page.

Silk Road Wisdom applies the Network Society development model to crowd create a global community to organise, participate and contribute to the New Silk Road project. The New Silk Road could deliver global prosperity faster and wider. It could be a focus and inspiration for people within a country and all around the world.

Humanitarian Wisdom

Humanitarian Wisdom is a subset of Network Society and a profound opportunity to reconstruct a failed states, countries, sectors or societies fast. A Network Society provided by a country, telecommunications company, NGO, celebrity or other community could reconstruct failed states, countries, sectors by simply adopting that crisis country within their own Network Society platform. The result would be crisis country reconstruction in months (cold start) or weeks (warm start). Only one model Network Society is required to provide any failed state with the opportunity to reconstruct in much shorter timeframes than those offered by the Industrial Economy development model.

MORE: Humanitarian Wisdom

Network Society is a mesh (or pyramid) of linked country, sector and global Wisdom Networks

Each network seamlessly integrates with others to crowd create a mesh of people, their devices and things in the Internet of Everything (IoE)

Google Drive

Distribution: We use Google Drive for to distribute documents. We do provide a link to Google Drive folders for various countries and sectors. By clicking on the link, we are sent your request for access to the folder. The email address you use to make the request and the Google+ profile should inform us about you. We are keen to share and collaborate with people with an interest in the sector or country requested. If you do not have a Google+ profile or account, please use contact our people or email us using the contact us button on the left to arrange alternative or anonymous access.

Collaboration:We are keen to collaborate with local people with local knowledge in each country. Google Drive provides a means for collective editing and creation of documents in a single location.


Wisdom Networks are part of the Network Society 'Technology Stack' and provide a 'Digital Twin' of physical things in society, and bring the wisdom of crowds to those things. Wisdom Networks enable all-inclusive citizen empowerment and democratisation across every sector. 100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and "a profound change in the economics of the world we live in".

All 6 "things" in the cloud
(not just 2)

People put "things" in books and share them across society

Network Society empowers every person by organising every “thing” in Society in the “Internet of Everything" (IoE) into shared books, just like people already do with their social lives. Everyone can participate and contribute to every “thing”, everywhere, across every sector in society in real-time via their mobile devices. Network Society organises collective knowledge, collective governance and collective action in real-time. Network Society is “The App” that drives economic and social development across sectors and countries. Our sector pages provide comprehensive information including screenshots and community definitions (in IoE terms).

Sectors - Google Drive folder access

Google Drive Folder
Wisdom Network Sectors (Education, health, equity market, governance, government etc )

Due diligence

Due diligence - Google Drive folder access

Google Drive Folder
Wisdom Network Due diligence documents (Stage 4)


Deploy in 90-180 days

Deploy individual Sectors or all Network Society

Consumer Wisdom ($100 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers create $1.2bn in shareholder value

1m subscribers acquired in 2 years generates annual revenue of $100m yielding $70m in profit and creating more than $700m (Telco P/E of 13) to $1.2b (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. 100k subscribers acquired over 2 years generates 10m in revenue yielding $7m in profit and creating more than $70m (Telco P/E of 13) to $120m (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. This assumes ARPU consumer pricing of $100.

Additional information and explanation is available on our Wisdom Network financial model page.

Industrial Wisdom - ($1,000 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers creates $12bn in shareholder value

High value industries like Equity Market and Health could generate an ARPU of $1,000 per user. These could have a global audience to attract 1m subscribers. Simplistically, 1m subscribers create = $12bn in shareholder value.

Ventures - Google Drive folder access

Google Drive Folder
Wisdom Network Ventures - relevant documents and projects (Stage 5)

What is your role in the Shift?

Read our ’16 point plan to achieve transition, wisdom, prosperity and peace’! Choose a country, sector or institution! Own your role in the transition! Interested in working with wisdom? Please join our LinkedIn Group or a community.

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NOTE: Our inspiration for the titles Thinkers, Builders, Producers comes from here.

First Mover Advantage

First Mover Advantage will be critical. The "Third Industrial Revolution" means that a much smaller group of people achieve the same service sector outcomes with only a few countries providing these services for the global community. Any country could develop significant shareholder value, export revenue and prosperity by adding a "Third Industrial Revolution" strategy to their sectors. 30 Telecommunications companies (or one of them) are uniquely positioned to transform the lives of 76.1% of the global population in 2 years. Anyone that could assemble a community with a common interest could deploy a wisdom networks. Celebrities may in fact be the most effective in encouraging adoption and the use of wisdom networks across sectors and countries.

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller.

VISION: 'Meaning of life' and Purpose of Society

The ‘meaning of life‘ and purpose of society is successive accumulation of collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction by individuals, countries and globally. The purpose of a Network Society is to maximise 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at ‘Zero Marginal Cost‘ in sectors, countries and institutions around the world for the benefit of people.Prosperity lies beyond centralisation, fragmentation and monetisation of society.

Collective Wisdom, Collective Prosperity and Collective Satisfaction

Download: PNG ; PDF

PLAN: 'Global Village' in 2 years

‘More with less’ Evolution delivers this life and purpose (by default), but it’s delayed by ‘Trapped Transition’ (10-50 years). Wisdom Networks and ‘Global Village’ delivers it (by design with ‘Punctuated Reform’) with 50 networks in 2- 5 years. The mesh of networks empowers 7.3bn to organise, participate and contribute to 'things' across countries, sectors and institutions around the world. Punctuated Reform restores transition, evolution, wisdom, prosperity and peace.

'The Shift' and 'The Plan'
(on one page)

Download: PNG ; PDF
We all have a role to play in a country, sector or institutions to drive 'Punctuated Reform' and the transition to a Global Village, global innovation (to solve global problems), global governance, global humanitarianism, global capital allocation and 'Minimum Life' (not Basic Income) in 2-5 years! Join a group! Start a venture! Make the 'Wisdom Pledge'!