20 minute video intro

This video explains how to achieve global prosperity and wisdom in 3 steps over 3 years. Information is everywhere, but there is no wisdom (knowledge plus action). An Information Society only puts 2 elements of wisdom in the cloud. A Network Society puts all 6 elements of wisdom in the cloud. Local telecommunications (point to point information distribution) becomes Global telewisdom (peer to peer wisdom exchanged through wisdom books). A Global Network Society can be achieved in 2-5 years with as few as 30 wisdom networks. Each can be launched in 3-6 months. Either the people, corporations or government can enable this future.
Which countries will lead the world in remote services, virtual workers, virtual exports and harnessing the wisdom of the global community to improve prosperity?

This video summarises the shifts from Information Age to Network Society. Specifically, it compares the processes and outcomes within each of these economic development stages.

This is a brief introduction to Wisdom Networks and the Network Society. In this presentation, we offer an insight into the shift from the Information Age to Network Society, revealing knowledge in the Internet of Everything (IoE), focusing the Wisdom of Crowds on priority outcomes and a restructure of human interaction from from telecommunications to telewisdom. Telewisdom exchanges wisdom between multiple people in real-time. Telecommunications transmits information between two points. After it starts playing, please click on "Full screen" and select 1080P quality to get the best viewing experience.