Marcus Cake


  • Passionate about life, family, Tasmania, 'Society Growth' and the 'Third Industrial Revolution' in the 'Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Settled, happy, content and focussed. Daily meditation. Gym. Walking. Intermittent fasting.
  • 4 point plan: living (minimum cost, maximum life, maximum health), work (productively and creatively), Life (with purpose), Love (passion) .... see tabs below for details, videos and links


  • Producer at Wisdom.To: Wisdom.To is the Zero Marginal Cost path to Society Growth. It's about implementing a 'Third Industrial Revolution and accelerating the evolution from Industrial Economy to Network Society and achieving the Global Village with 50 networks in 3-10 years.


Like many others, it is difficult to achieve 'life' given the demands of the Industrial Economy on people and their families. This perhaps my underlies me passion for a Maximum life at minimum cost strategy which provides time for contribution.

Life. Why are we here? I am not on an existential journey. I simply believe we all have a purpose and an opportunity to make a contribution. My purpose is (1) parenting my child, and (2) advocating wisdom networks as a means to organise society as networks (ie Society As A Platform).

My secondary purpose is Wisdom ( and I am fortunate to have found kindred spirits that share my passion and excitement about the possibilities of using networks as a means to structure society.

What is Wisdom? It was hard to articulate for a very long time. It's getting easier!

For deeper details on wisdom, I recommend one of the 20+ country plans (like Malaysia), many sector pages (like health) or our 250+ articles. I also belong to the 'Open Data Working Group' within the Open Government Partnership which allows me to share 'Wisdom' with more than 1,100 people in 85 countries all working toward 'Open Government' around the world. The OGP Wisdom page provides a specific summary for my OGP colleagues.

Never forget what you set out to achieve! (My tagline)

People don't choose dreams. Dream's choose them. Do you have the courage to grab the dream that picked you?

The Meaning of Life (in 60 seconds)

In every moment, there is a choice between love and fear

The Perfect Country

The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both. Source

Network Society 'pitch'
(3m audio)

by Marcus Cake

Generic transcript available here

A quality place to live provides a foundation for creative and productive work.

We all work! I read somewhere that 80% of people believe that their work could be automated and they will finish their lives feeling unfulfilled.

I want fulfilling work. Selfish? Probably! A lower cost structure provides the opportunity to move from survival to contribution much faster.

I have worked in some amazing places that have inspired some 'flow' creativity.

How to find Fulfilling Work

How to find a Meaningful Job

I focus on a simple life and structure life to achieve maximum life, creativity and productivity at minimum cost. I have 'homes' in Phuket, Thailand (Dad's place) and Hobart, Tasmania (mum's place). Family is my singular priority.

Health and well being

I neither smoke nor drink alcohol. I practice intermittent fasting (eat 8 hours; fast for 16 hours every day) and have high quality food everyday. No additional sugar. No snacks (except 1 icecream every now and again). Chocolate (an occasional weakness!) No coffee. Daily tumeric. A focus on clean living!

I exercise regularly - gym, trails and walking. Life is fabulous!

Settled ... but lucky to have lived internationally for brief periods

I have lived in Malta (2005-2007) and South-East Asia (2014-2016; 5 countries)

In 2015 and 2016, I travelled South East Asia, primarily in an effort to promote Wisdom Networks as a means to organise Society (see Countries and Sectors.

It was an adventure for a brief period, but I have returned and settled. If you are interesting in Maximum Life at Minimum Cost, I recommend International Living as a resource.

In Praise of The Quiet Life

Intermittent Fasting

I have been fortunate to experience being single, married, divorced across various chapters of life.

There are also good reasons to stay single (as explained in the Youtube video on the right) and good reasons to 'love and be loved'. I feel fortunate to have had the experiences I have had.

Loving and Being Loved

Reasons to remain single

A journey from crazy to nirvana?

Fabulous video! (on the right) .... another unique, pragmatic and practical insight into being human and relationships from Alain de Botton. He playfully argues that love needs to be reinvented from the naive, mutual mindreading inspired by an unrealistic 'Romanticism' to a commitment to mutual education with each partner guiding the other from their crazy insanity to nirvana. A fun and profound presentation.

Alain de Botton - The Future Of The Way We Live, Love And Work

A menu of places to live, travel and experience - family, friends and my daughter

I generally stay in the same places. I love the familiarity. The places I stay include family homes (Parents in Phuket Thailand and Hobart Tasmania), friends around the world and hostels. In the last 18 months, I have traveled to Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines, Cambodia. Interestingly, these places are some of the best places to retire. Malaysia (#5), Thailand (#7), Cambodia (#17) and Vietnam (#19) offer high quality living, health care and infrastructure.

These 'Favourite places' offer a quality and safe place to live, work and share quality experiences with family and friends. This page also serves as a way to share experiences with my daughter and offer her a menu of places she can come and visit. Oh! What fun!

I have 2 'family' homes - Phuket, Thailand and Hobart, Tasmania

My mum and step-dad has a home in Hobart Tasmania (see details below). My dad and step-mum have a home in Phuket, Thailand (see details below). Like homes everywhere in the world, most bedrooms in houses are empty and family is always welcome. There is Wisdom in sharing accommodation.

Phuket, Thailand ... Dad's place

Phuket is where family comes together

The most fabulous time of my life was Christmas in 2014. Family from Australia (Queensland and Tasmania), Germany and Malta all descended on Phuket for a fabulous Christmas dinner hosted by Mamie, my step mum. Mamie is a fabulous step-mum, cook and host for all.It was a very special time for all. My step brother from Brisbane had recently had a baby and my step-brother from Malta also made a last minute trip to join us all. My dad and step-mum decided to renew their wedding vows with a impromptu buddhist blessing at the local temple. It was a very special time!

As an added bonus, the family doctor is an ex-head of trauma surgery for a large group of Bangkok hospitals. Very handy, just in case you need some emergency surgery (like stitches, brain surgery or a kidney transplant!). Although, world class medical care is available at International hospitals 20 minutes away. It's also gated expat communuity and the house is surrounded by a high wall.

30m tourists visit Thailand and 10m visit Phuket

According to the Phuket Gazette, “As 2015 drew to a close, the Kingdom was preparing to welcome its 29 millionth visitor at Suvarnabhumi Airport, a new record that even exceeded the country’s official target of 28.8 million visits for the year. A large number of these visitors – roughly a third by official estimates – paid a visit to Phuket. ...'Tourists simply don’t care about Thai politics,' ".

Hobart, Australia ... Mum's place

After a lifetime of hard and continuous work, my mum and step-dad retired to Tasmania. They have a 3 bedroom home on the side of a hill at Kingston Beach in Tasmania and a remarkable 180 degree view overlooking the ocean, golf course, valley and a mountain (on the left). A few years ago, Kingston Beach was named as the best suburb in Australia. A beautiful home and easy retirement is a just reward for a life of hard work and prudence. There are also solar panels on the roof that mean they never get a power bill. In fact, they sell power to the grid! Amazing! Like all home in the western world, there is plenty of extra space for guests. Family and friends are all welcome to stay!

Tasmania is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the world.

Other places to live, visit and experience

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is one of my favourite cities in the most interesting and vibrant of countries. It is truly amazing and highly recommended. I stay at the most amazing place and, in the low season, at an amazing price. It's probably 4 star accommodation at a budget price (in low season). I could live in this place.

Koh Chang, Thailand ... the best place I have ever been?

Koh Chang is, quite possibly, the most remarkable tourist destination and place to live I have been. It is a real jewel. I unique blend of island, mountains, beaches, jungle, rainforest, waterfalls, supermarkets, quality accommodation (cheap and unique experience). This place is truly unique. This can be added to the places I visit regularly every year.

A day at one of the waterfalls is my most memorable (see Facebook for photos and videos).

The first photo below is the best photo I have ever taken. It is of Klong Prao beach and the sunset.

Sapa, Vietnam (Where heaven meets earth!)

Sapa, Vietnam lives up to it's nickname of 'Where heaven meets earth'. The most memorable event in my life was watching a view of the valley during sunrise at the Go Sapa Hostel in Sapa Vietnam. The clouds that had settled in the valley during the night danced around in the swirling winds and slowly disappeared over an hour. The colors went from orange to gold to yellow. I think I have a video ... I'll post it!

Sapa is Awesome

Sapa: Where Heaven meets earth?

Things to do in Sapa

Tioman Island, Malaysia (tropical island, swarming fish off the beach, turtle nesting grounds)

Tioman Island is exquisite. It was named the world's best island in the 1970's. It is realtively undeveloped. The most remarkable experience is Tioman is walking off the beach into waist high water about 50m from shore and have hundreds of fish teeming around you. The water is crystal clear. You can hike across the island through jungle over about two hours. On the eastern coast, there are some more remarkable beaches and a turtle nesting ground/refuge. Internet is poor and intermittent. There are monkeys that walk around the pathways. It is a tropical island! Beautiful, and relatively undeveloped.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia (tea plantations, 14 trails, 2 waterfalls, cool climate)

I spent 6 weeks in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. The Cameron Highlands is about a 4 hour bus ride north of Kuala Lumpur. It is much cooler than KL. There are 14 trails that encompass a diversity of hiking/walking experiences. Each is about 2-6 hours hike. Over 6 weeks I have done them all. Remarkable!

One hike stands out. I joined 10 other people for Trail #1. It was a hike up the the tallest mountain/hill in the area for about an hour to the mobile phone tower at the top. We then followed the road down. We visited the Mossy Forest, strolled through vegetable gardens, strawberry farms and tea plantations. We visited the commercial Boh tea company which has a large facility for tourists. This particular area was in a beutiful green valley with tea growing on all sides. We then strolled another 4 km to the third and most northern town of the Cameron Highlands and returned to our starting point in Tanah Rata. Tanah Rata is the southern most town in the Cameron Highlands. A truly magical day full of diversity of landscape and experience.

Kuala Lumpur (a great city connected by cheap flights to everything else)

Kuala Lumpur could be considered just another Asian city. That was my impression for the first few weeks I was there. However, I really grew to appreciate it. It is very modern and offers a diversity of interesting experiences. The Botanical Gardens in the middle of the city are beautiful. Public transport is all integrated with one smart card. It is easy to get around.

It also offers the cheapest way to experience a Formula One Grand Prix. I didn't make it last year, but hope to get there in 2016.

Chiang Mai (Romyen Garden Resort)

Chiang Mai is meant to be a cooler Thailand destination. It is a little cooler, but not by a significant degree. It is a worthy destination for a few days.

I stayed at the for a few weeks. Romyen is about 20km from Chiang Mai and is a very quiet place. There are a few things to do. The most memorable experience is the food cooked by the owner of Romyen every night. I took pictures of dinner every day for 30 days ... you can see these pictures on the Romyen web site!

Hiring a scooter is always an amazing experience full of adventure, particularly if you have someone to share the experience with. An impromptu scooter ride up the mountain to the temple was rewarded with impromptu participation in a Buddhist cermeny and a personal wat blessing from one of the monks. I will never forget the temperature change as I rode down the mountain that night. A strong contrast in temparature between top and bottom.


I wanted I'd learn about Internet of Things practically. Summer project(s)!

    This will involve

  • building client devices on the Arduino Platform - IoT Clock! IoT Flower?
  • The Infinity Clock will be designed as a 'base' for adding and subtracting Arduino projects/features. How many functions/features can one Arduino board run?
  • various Internet of Things (IoT) servers/platforms - personal and corporate
  • managing communications between servers and client devices

Infinity IoT Clock Overview

A basic 'Infinity IoT Clock' is a combination of three features. Videos of additional features are outlined in the comprehensive Youtube playlists provided below.

Infinity Clock

LED Strip lights (demo)

IoT multisensors ($15 project)

Additional Information and comprehensive Youtube Playlists are provided below.

Project stage

  • Acquired nearly all parts. Mirror and one-way mirror film outstanding.
  • Design complete
  • 'Home assistant' home automation software (Hassio) on Raspberry Pi 3 setup. Hassio Android app installed on phone. Hassio will be used to control devices.
  • Led strip working on NodeMCU and controlled by Hassio and Hassio Android App. (test and learning)


  • Infinity visual: the clock will be set into an 'Infinity mirror' providing a stunning view within the clockface and around the clock
  • an expandable project for kids and adults to learn about 'Internet of Things' and home automation
  • an expandable testing environment for IoT devices, home automation, sensors and controlled lighting.
  • 'Infinity' Projects/features: One platform, multiple IoT projects: A menu system using a 16x2 LCD display (like a printer) for the platform is critical. It allows features and functions of the clock to be controlled and added over time. Each new function involves adding:
    1. a menu item and generating code for a revised menu system using online resources
    2. hardware additions to the Arduino
    3. adding the required code to the menu item
    4. upload code to Arduino 'nano' that manages the clock
    5. test new feature using the button menu, smartphone or home automation web interface.
    6. New functions can be added by cutting and pasting other opens source projects into the 'clock'. A new function could be added in 5-20 minutes


  • Clock face LED strip #1: a 48 led strip around the centre of the clock that could (1) display hours, (2) display 8 different light routines
  • Clock face LED strip #2: a 60 LED strip around the centre of the clock that could (1) display hours and minutes with different color LED lights, (2) display minutes, (3) display a 'Pomodoro' routine
  • Around clock LED strip: a strip will be placed around the clock that could (1) tell the time (2) eight lighting effects (3) mood light for the ceiling or wall, (4) pomodoro clock
  • wifi enabled: connected to the internet via wifi
  • connected to the internet via LoRa
  • controlled via (1) button on clock (2) smartphone (3) web interface of
  • Sensors: temperature, humidity, light, movement
  • transfer of sensor data to servers including (1) home automation server, and (2) The Things Network
  • automation: if then automation of clock via (1) arduino, (2) and Tasker. Example: if someone is in the room, turn the clock (or mood light) on, or send an alert to someone if no-one is home.

Project images

27th November 2017


Youtube playlist (Infinity IoT clock @

Youtube playlist (Arduino - introduction)

Youtube playlist (Arduino - control)

Youtube playlist (Home automation)

Youtube playlist (Arduino - Projects)

Youtube playlist (70 Arduino projects - 3rd party playlist)

Youtube playlist (Internet of Things (IoT))


Another project! An Internet of Things (IoT) flower

The objective is to produce 'flower' which reports temperature, humidity, movement, soil moisture and can be powered by battery for a long period 6 months to a year with the possibility of indefinite operation by recharging the battery with a solar panel.

The project will be a 'mashup' of three projects/items:

  • Multisensor: an Arduino platform which reads temperature, humidity, light and movement sensor (or proximity). I have completed the BRUH Automation multisensor project (Github: BRUH Multi-sensor; Youtube: $15 multisensor) on a NODEMCU board and connected the device to my Home Assistant home automation platform. The device can be controlled by the Home Automation software using MQTT. We'll need to add a soil moisture sensor to this base platform.
  • a solar powered flower which provides the stake/platform and the solar panels which can charge the battery of the Arduino device
  • we'll need a suitable development board with
    1. low power board
    2. with enough analogue and digital pins to support various analogue and digital devices
    3. uses the LoRA (long range, low power) communications protocol to reduce battery usage and transmit data up to 10km to a gateway
  • Form factor: How should the IoT flower look. The device will look like the existing solar panel with a small plastic box below the existing solar panel. This box will need to expose the various sensors to the 'outside' in some way.


  • built BRUH Multisensor - need to move to low power, LoRa platform
  • acquired solar flowers (to be hacked). See 'Project pictures' below.
  • Researching suitable boards - something like this Adafruit feather board might be suitable. Each board can utilise a specific frequency. A friend informs me that Adafruit will ship a single board which can transceive using all LoRa frequencies.
  • 'phoned a friend' that can hack the flower and use the solar panels to recharge battery.

Project pictures


Home Automation

We run a home automation server. This consists of a $50 Raspberry Pi 3 B running ('Hassio'). Hassio was installed quickly by simply flashing an SD card with a Hassio image and inserting the SD card into the Raspberry Pi (instructions here). Instant Home Automation server!

A critical element in a MQTT server. I recommend you aim for all your devices to be controlled by MQTT and Hassio. This means Hassio can read data from the devices and control them by sending MQTT messages. Each device does not need hardware buttons to control them or to be designed to make intelligent decisions.. Hardware controls and associated programming are a hard and complex part of developing. A means to control by Hassio/MQTT removes this difficulty. All intelligence is in Hassio.

A practical guide by Marcus

I am passionate about home automation, IoT devices and minimum cost and maximum life. The Internet of Things and home automation can improve the quality of life. It is also a fabulous hobby for dads and kids and an invaluable skill for kids in our 'Network Society' future. It is also very cheap and each device can cost $5 to $20 and could be built in 30-60 minutes (after an initial learning curve). I thought I would prepare some curated content on the following:

  • Home automation
  • Arduino - Introduction
  • Arduino - control and automation
  • Arduino - Lighting
  • Arduino - Connectivity
  • LoRa (long range, low power)
  • Internet of Things
  • Infinity clocks/mirrors

The content above is available at I also outline some of my own projects and mashups of Arduino, home automation and other IoT technology.

Introduction (Home automation)

Pending. Completion expected mid January 2018. Publicly available to facilitate contribution.

Youtube playlist (Home automation)

Links (Home automation)


Links (uncategorised)

Marble Racer / Spacerail

first_space_railI stumbled across a toy. I thought my nephew might be interested. I think I found a new project. Marble Racers! Spacerail. My first Marble Racer is rated for 8yo. I thought I would get something a little more complex. Perhaps, a Level 4 kit that glows in the dark!

I'll add an Arduino and some prgrammable LED's as well. It might be quite a feature. Wooden base painted with black acrylic .... designing it already!

My interest was probably inspired by a movie I watched a few days ago. The movie 'Fracture (2007)' (starring Anthony Hopkins) features a remarkable marble racer.

Project pictures


Introduction (Spacerails)

Pending. Completion expected mid January 2018. Publicly available to facilitate contribution.


Links (Spacerail)

A practical guide by Marcus

I am passionate about home automation, IoT devices and minimum cost and maximum life. The Internet of Things and home automation can improve the quality of life. It is also a fabulous hobby for dads and kids and an invaluable skill for kids in our 'Network Society' future. It is also very cheap and each device can cost $5 to $20 and could be built in 30-60 minutes (after an initial learning curve). I thought I would prepare some curated content on the following:

  • Home automation
  • Arduino - Introduction
  • Arduino - control and automation
  • Arduino - Lighting
  • Arduino - Connectivity
  • LoRa (long range, low power)
  • Internet of Things
  • Infinity clocks/mirrors

The content above is available at I also outline some of my own projects and mashups of Arduino, home automation and other IoT technology.



Youtube playlist (Arduino - introduction)

Links (Arduino - introduction)

Youtube playlist (Arduino - control)

Links (Arduino - Control)

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Youtube playlist (Arduino - Projects)

Links (Arduino - projects)

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Youtube playlist (70 Arduino projects - 3rd party playlist)


Links (Arduino - Connectivity)

Youtube playlist (Arduino - solar)

Youtube playlist (NodeMCU - a low cost Arduino dewvelopment board with wifi connectivity)

Links (NodeMCU development board)

Youtube playlist (Arduino - lighting)

Links (Arduino - Connectivity)

Youtube playlist (Infinity IoT clock @

Links (Infitinty 'IoT' clock @

Introduction (Internet of Things (IoT))

Pending. Completion expected mid January 2018. Publicly available to facilitate contribution.

Youtube playlist (Internet of Things (IoT))

Links (Internet of Things (IoT)

Youtube playlist (LoRa, Long Range devices/technology to facilitate the Internet of Things)

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