Wisdom Flipboards (or magazines)


flipboard_icon_deviantart_turnpaper_400x400Flipboards are a magazine style layout of content grouped into Flipboards (or magazines). We assembled the Wisdom Networks content into Flipboards for your convenience. You can take a Flipboard with you on a mobile device. The Flipboard is a convenient way to take content with you and "flip" through it. It is also a handy way to receive updates. They can look good on mobile and are a great way to view content. However, depending on mobile device, the page layouts (determined automatically by Flipboard) may sometimes not be optimal.


Our Public Flipboards (or magazines)

We maintain one Flipboard: Wisdom Networks enabled Network Society. It is available here.

Flipboard / MagazineView our Flipboard Magazine.

Private Flipboards (or magazines)

We maintain some private Flipboards for specific countries and sectors.

Archived Flipboards (no longer maintained)

We previously maintained multiple flipboards. We now focus on updating one flipboard. The legacy flipboards are available below.