Strategic Review

WISDOM STRATEGIC REVIEW How does it fit? What value does it create? Why do it?

We can provide a systematic approach to assessing, developing and building engagement and ownership of a Wisdom Network strategy. It could be delivered within 6-8 weeks.

Our strategic review targets multiple levels (see the article 'A strategic review must be multi-level: Level 1 (principles), Level 2(a viable design) and Level 3 (an initial blueprint by customising a template wisdom network)'.

Additional information on Wisdom

buddypress_design_group_150x150The concept of the Wisdom Network is likely to be a new concept to executive teams. Of the six stages, Wisdom appears to be the most valuable segment with the lowest capital expenditure, highest ARPU, highest margin, highest growth and lowest customer churn. The Wisdom Network is the platform which delivers wisdom to consumers and creates value for shareholders. Wisdom and Wisdom Networks are worthy of an in-depth review. We can provide a free financial model that allows you to prepare your own financial forecast or impact assessment. Please contact us.

Outcomes of the process

An executive team could collaborate online to develop their own Wisdom Network strategy within each, and across all business units.

Outcomes of the process include:

  • Presentation: A presentation summarising the feasibility of Wisdom Networks in your community.
  • Business plan: including execution path and tactical plans, “Books” cross-selling opportunities and responsibilities of each division. We have a template that can serve as a starting point.
  • Financial Model: This will identify the source, timing and responsibility for revenue identified. The results will be presented graphically for incorporation in a presentation. The current model is structured around half years - six months until launch and then a four half year forecast.
  • prototype: modifications to the Wisdom Network prototype can be made for demonstration purposes throughout the process
  • project plan, tasks and collaboration: Each division and corporate can develop an integrated plan capable of execution in Stage 2. I would propose using a collaborative technology that was originally built in-house by Facebook to coordinate their activities. It was subsequently spun out and is being used by Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others.
  • Strategy into Business Unit Tactics workshop (optional): The process could conclude with a Wisdom Network Strategy into Business Unit Tactics workshop. This typically involves a 2 day corporate session and a 1 day session for each business unit or function.

The outcomes above can be worked on by hundreds of people at the same time. Each person can participate at their convenience. We could start with a small corporate team and add the business units as required.


  • CEO initiates process with an email: the CEO sends an email to nominated executives inviting them to contribute to the outcomes listed above. A link to each of the online documents would be provided in the email.
  • Executive team collaborates toward outcomes: All executives have the opportunity to participate, contribute and collaborate toward the outcomes above. Like Crowdsupport, many NWN questions would be resolved by executives themselves.
  • The technologies used in the process demonstrate how a Networked Society will work: The use of the real-time cloud OTT technologies above may be an important part of the process. It shows executives how people will work within Wisdom Networks and how it respects the consumers preference for specific OTT technologies. The Wisdom Network provides links to the information but communities are free to select whatever technology they wish (as long as the “Thing” is available by URL and can be indexed by the Wisdom Network).