Turnkey venture: we’ll create the network


Project Plan _ Gant ChartWe can turnkey a Wisdom Network venture in 90 days (see TURNKEY NETWORK: template in 5 days, customise over 90-180 days and launch.

We can also offer other venture management services which help you commercialise the 'business'. For example, we would also combine a selection of open source applications to manage high growth businesses and (if required) a corporate structure optimised for the company's shareholders. The platform allows a wisdom network to be managed across multiple geographies in real-time. Depending on your requirements, a turnkey wisdom network can be delivered in 8-12 weeks. We provide the technology, you provide the people and purpose.

The Outcomes (selected by you)

  • Incorporation- incorporation in the jurisdiction best suited for your business.
  • Company documents - optimized for your unique requirements.
  • Employment and option agreements
  • Accounting software GAAP compliant, multi-currency, multi-language, web-based
  • Collaboration system, project management, discussion forums, knowledgebase, online documents
  • Multiple web sites, email addresses and webmail for one or more domain names
  • Customer Relationship Management - optional
  • Servers - at least one server will be configured for you.
  • Content management - this is the system that manages the content in for an online network

The process

  • You are invited to discuss your potential requirements with us.
  • You may review an operating system incorporating the Kickstarter elements.
  • A two day workshop is held amongst the potential customer and executive team to determine the specific requirements and confirm key corporate and technology decisions.
  • You select your corporate image (ie; logo, letterhead, web page layout, etc) from an existing library.
  • We will prepare a checklist of agreed elements and provide a quote.
  • A contract is signed to deliver the package.
  • Your company will be incorporated.
  • Your system will be built on the servers
  • We will give training to one individual on how to manage the system. Online documentation will be provided.
  • You will be given access credentials.
  • Support and training is available as and when required from specific dedicated professionals. Help is also available from many publicly available forums.