Summary of “Things”

Wisdom Networks
The Zero Marginal Cost path to Society Growth
Giant vertical, centralised hierarchies are anomalies of economic history.
Horizontal, zero-marginal cost, global networks pursuing Society Growth come next.
society growth formula

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller

Centralised structures centralise power and prosperity at high marginal cost and high resource usage in the narrow pursuit of Economic Growth (maximising monetary transfers). Distributed structures distribute power and prosperity at Zero Marginal Cost and less resource usage in pursuit of Society Growth (collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction).

Zero Marginal Cost Networks (internet, massively scalable blockchainified databases, wisdom networks, mobile devices, open source software etc) and the resulting Network Society development model offer a superior, efficient, effective global and costless means to achieve Society Growth in sectors, countries and the Global Village. The fragmentation, centralisation and monetisation of every 'thing' by the Industrial Economy development model can only achieve 1/3 of the potential life and less than 1/3 of the output delivered by the Network Society.

Quickly switch between things, books, sectors, countries, languages ... only 3 clicks to participate or contribute to any 'thing' in the world!

Wisdom Pledge: "We promise to consider Zero Marginal Cost technologies and pursue 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction in our communities".
The Network Society development model accelerates the evolution from Industrial Economy (stagnation) to Network Society and crowd creates the 3rd Industrial Revolution, Open Government, distributed prosperity, distributed governance, all-inclusive citizen empowerment, democratisation across every sector and country and achieves a Minimum Life and provide purpose for everyone, everywhere. Network Society also crowd creates the Global Village and includes global platforms for global innovation (to solve global problems), global governance, global humanitarianism (rapid failed state recovery), global merit based equity market or capital allocation.

The purpose of a Network Society is 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at Zero Marginal Cost in sectors, countries and the Global Village for everyone, everywhere.

We all have a role to play in driving 'Society Growth'. Start a venture! Make the Wisdom Pledge! Together, we can drive Society Growth around the world. Ventures can be launched in 90-180 days. Transformation in 2-5 years

There are four inevitable Shifts that deliver prosperity in the 21st Century!
Wisdom Networks enable and accelerate these Shifts and deliver prosperity earlier

New Silk Road / The Rise of Eurasia
World's largest project integrates 66 countries and 4.4bn people

Centralised to Distributed
100x addressable data .... 10,000 patterns ... profound changes

The rise of the Social Commons
Virtual crowds of people more efficient, effective and prosperous

Industrial Economy to Network Society
Centralised power and stagnation to distributed power and prosperity

Industrial Economy physically moves 3 "things" to drive economy and delivers economic stagnation.
PROCESS: Industrial Economies moves 3 things (data, information, community) to millions of physical structures. They are exponential complex and increasingly inefficient and ineffective. Productive Knowledge is fragmented and lost in the complexity of moving things around. Everyone has a ¼ acre of the information landscape that they toil.

OUTCOMES: Centralised structures centralise power, governance and prosperity. An Industrial Economy drives an economy, not society prosperity. After a century of industrial grade centralisation, power and prosperity is centralised. Centralisation may also have crossed a key threshold and endanger global sustainability and peace.

Network Society organises all 6 wisdom things virtually to maximise "Productive Knowledge" and prosperity
PROCESS: A Network Society leaves all 6 things where they are. A few interlinked wisdom networks (country and sector) come “Over the Top” to organise “things” in person to person networks and focus the wisdom of crowds on prioritised outcomes. Wisdom Networks are analogous to combine (information) harvesters that work the land for the everyone, driven by everyone and deliver collective prosperity, accessibility, transparency and Network Society.

OUTCOMES: Distributed networks distribute power, governance and prosperity. Network Society is exponentially simple, productive, efficient and locally and globally effective. Productive Knowledge and prosperity are pursued in real-time by everyone, everywhere. If you don’t need to move “things”, society uses significantly less resources (oil, concrete, minerals, infrastructure) for a given level of productive knowledge and prosperity. Distributed structures distribute power and prosperity amongst all people.


Country Wisdom - one potential path

Third Industrial

Evolution drives government and
industry onto the internet

2. Education Transformation

retrain and deploy under-utilised people anywhere rapidly

3. Economic/society Transformation

Evolve into and democratise all other sectors of society

4. Humanitarian Transformation

Help local and global
people fast!

5. Democracy Transformation

Real-time transparent citizen participation and contribution

6. Network

citizen participation in
every institution

7. Government Transformation

Collective governance, efficiency citizen participation


Wisdom Networks are part of the Network Society 'Technology Stack' and provide a 'Digital Twin' of physical things in society, and bring the wisdom of crowds to those things. Wisdom Networks enable all-inclusive citizen empowerment and democratisation across every sector. 100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and "a profound change in the economics of the world we live in".

All 6 "things" in the cloud
(not just 2)

People put "things" in books and share them across society

Network Society empowers every person by organising every “thing” in Society in the “Internet of Everything" (IoE) into shared books, just like people already do with their social lives. Everyone can participate and contribute to every “thing”, everywhere, across every sector in society in real-time via their mobile devices. Network Society organises collective knowledge, collective governance and collective action in real-time. Network Society is “The App” that drives economic and social development across sectors and countries. Our sector pages provide comprehensive information including screenshots and community definitions (in IoE terms).

What does wisdom actually look like? Screenshots!

Wisdom Networks organise society's 'things' within networks in the Internet of Everything (IOE) via people and their mobile devices. Please find some screenshot examples below of 'things' and 'books' in sectors. Please note the tabs at the top of the screen allow a person to switch between various sectors. Each sectors contains different 'things', but the underlying method of linking 'things' into 'books' and sharing them remains the same. One method of organising past, present and future means a dramatic reduction in complexity across society and a scalable solution to organise society and the global village at zero marginal cost.

'things' and 'books'

'things' and 'books'

'things' and 'books'

'things' and 'books'

Management & Organisation
'things' and 'books'

Equity Market
'things' and 'books'

Sector pages and presentations contain further screenshots and workflow diagrams for each sector.




Due diligence


Deploy in 90-180 days

Deploy individual Sectors or all Network Society

Consumer Wisdom ($100 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers create $1.2bn in shareholder value

1m subscribers acquired in 2 years generates annual revenue of $100m yielding $70m in profit and creating more than $700m (Telco P/E of 13) to $1.2b (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. 100k subscribers acquired over 2 years generates 10m in revenue yielding $7m in profit and creating more than $70m (Telco P/E of 13) to $120m (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. This assumes ARPU consumer pricing of $100.

Additional information and explanation is available on our Wisdom Network financial model page.

Industrial Wisdom - ($1,000 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers creates $12bn in shareholder value

High value industries like Equity Market and Health could generate an ARPU of $1,000 per user. These could have a global audience to attract 1m subscribers. Simplistically, 1m subscribers create = $12bn in shareholder value.

Global Community in 'Trapped Transition' ... needs punctuated reform
The global community is in 'Trapped Transition' between Industrial Economy and Network Society. 'Punctuated reform' and the Shift to the next stage of economic development can occur by design with a proactive and comprehensive plan, or by default with crisis, collapse or war. History shows us that the latter is more likely. Change rarely occurs without crisis, collapse or war. In the Age of Turbulence, old ways crumble, but the new can not take flight. Let’s escape 'trapped transition' by implementing 'punctuated reform' to move from centralised stagnation to distributed power and prosperity. We could be in 'Trapped Transition' for another 50 years, or complete 'Punctuated Reform' in 2-5 years.

'Trapped Transition' vs.
'Punctuated Reform'

Centralised stagnation vs.
Distributed prosperity

'You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete' R. Buckminster Fuller.

VISION: 'Meaning of life' and Purpose of Society

The ‘meaning of life‘ and purpose of society is successive accumulation of collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction by individuals, countries and globally. The purpose of a Network Society is to maximise 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at ‘Zero Marginal Cost‘ in sectors, countries and institutions around the world for the benefit of people.Prosperity lies beyond centralisation, fragmentation and monetisation of society.

Collective Wisdom, Collective Prosperity and Collective Satisfaction

Download: PNG ; PDF

PLAN: 'Global Village' in 2 years

‘More with less’ Evolution delivers this life and purpose (by default), but it’s delayed by ‘Trapped Transition’ (10-50 years). Wisdom Networks and ‘Global Village’ delivers it (by design with ‘Punctuated Reform’) with 50 networks in 2- 5 years. The mesh of networks empowers 7.3bn to organise, participate and contribute to 'things' across countries, sectors and institutions around the world. Punctuated Reform restores transition, evolution, wisdom, prosperity and peace.

'The Shift' and 'The Plan'
(on one page)

Download: PNG ; PDF
We all have a role to play in a country, sector or institutions to drive 'Punctuated Reform' and the transition to a Global Village, global innovation (to solve global problems), global governance, global humanitarianism, global capital allocation and 'Minimum Life' (not Basic Income) in 2-5 years! Join a group! Start a venture! Make the 'Wisdom Pledge'!

Featured articles (Our 'Book of Wisdom')

Our Featured articles are assembled around a theme of Network Society, economic development and the pursuit of prosperity. Click here to view all Featured articles.

What role will you play in "The Shift"?

Read our ’16 point plan to achieve transition, wisdom, prosperity and peace’! Choose a country, sector or institution! Own your role in the transition! Interested in working with wisdom? Please join our LinkedIn Group or a community.

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