Date: 20th August 2016
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A video audition for TEDxKL curators.

Malaysian Wisdom Network is a new model to organise society using networks (not hierarchies).

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete R. Buckminster Fuller.

TEDxKL audition by Marcus Cake (2 minute video)

Marcus Cake's profile is available here.

Like all good TED talks, our plan for TEDxKL is to tell Malaysians a story. It is a story of heaven and hell. A great story which contains battles and ultimate victory. It is both a science fiction story and a horror story. It is the story of how Malaysian live and how they die. Above all … it is a choice … literally a choice between a Star Trek Society with abundance and life for all, and The Matrix ‘Industrial Economy’ which simply harvests the wealth of everybody for the benefit of a few.

We propose a platform change to a Network Society organised on the Malaysian Wisdom Network. Quite simply, society is structured using a few free Zero Marginal Cost Networks for the benefit of all Malaysians, rather than many high marginal cost hierarchies for the benefit of a few.

The Malaysian Wisdom Network delivers this ‘Star Trek’ utopia for all Malaysians and is a rapid way for Malaysia to achieve economic and government transformation and its 2020 objectives. Consistent with TEDxKL’s Resonance theme, Malaysian Wisdom unites and drives all Malaysians across Malaysian Society to operate in unity and at higher frequencies of awareness, transparency and empathy. The alternative is a dystopian future that resembles the Matrix.

This is not fantasy. It can be launched in 90-180 days and transform Malaysia in 2-5 years. It has been presented to multiple government departments and is being championed by Transparency International Malaysia. A talk at TEDxKL brings the Malaysian Network Society one step closer to reality for all Malaysians.

I am most grateful for the opportunity to audition for TEDxKL. My team and I will be devoting ourselves to ensure a high quality talk that meets the very high standard of all TED Talks. We are keen to work with TEDxKL curators to ensure our work is tailored for a Malaysian audience.. We would relish our opportunity to tell Malaysian’s a story. Thank you for this important opportunity.

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason

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Malaysian Network Society pitch

Malaysian Network
Society 'pitch'
(3m audio)

by Marcus Cake

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Economic Transformation

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Government Transformation




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