Brexit? Opportunity! European Wisdom Network ( crowd creates United Europe by meshing personal/country sovereignty networks in 1-2 years


Due diligence

Due diligence - Google Drive folder access

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Wisdom Network Due diligence documents (Stage 4)


Deploy in 90-180 days

Deploy individual Sectors or all Network Society

Consumer Wisdom ($100 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers create $1.2bn in shareholder value

1m subscribers acquired in 2 years generates annual revenue of $100m yielding $70m in profit and creating more than $700m (Telco P/E of 13) to $1.2b (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. 100k subscribers acquired over 2 years generates 10m in revenue yielding $7m in profit and creating more than $70m (Telco P/E of 13) to $120m (Internet P/E of 25) in shareholder value. This assumes ARPU consumer pricing of $100.

Additional information and explanation is available on our Wisdom Network financial model page.

Industrial Wisdom - ($1,000 per subscriber) - 1m subscribers creates $12bn in shareholder value

High value industries like Equity Market and Health could generate an ARPU of $1,000 per user. These could have a global audience to attract 1m subscribers. Simplistically, 1m subscribers create = $12bn in shareholder value.

First Mover Advantage

First Mover Advantage will be critical. The "Third Industrial Revolution" means that a much smaller group of people achieve the same service sector outcomes with only a few countries providing these services for the global community. Any country could develop significant shareholder value, export revenue and prosperity by adding a "Third Industrial Revolution" strategy to their sectors. 30 Telecommunications companies (or one of them) are uniquely positioned to transform the lives of 76.1% of the global population in 2 years. Anyone that could assemble a community with a common interest could deploy a wisdom networks. Celebrities may in fact be the most effective in encouraging adoption and the use of wisdom networks across sectors and countries.

Ventures - Google Drive folder access

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Wisdom Network Ventures - relevant documents and projects (Stage 5)

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Wisdom Networks enable all-inclusive citizen empowerment and democratisation across every sector. 100 times more addressable data means 10,000 times more patterns (or knowledge) and "a profound change in the economics of the world we live in".

All 6 "things" in the cloud
(not just 2)

People put "things" in books and share them across society

Network Society empowers every person by organising every “thing” in Society in the “Internet of Everything" (IoE) into shared books, just like people already do with their social lives. Everyone can participate and contribute to every “thing”, everywhere, across every sector in society in real-time via their mobile devices. Network Society organises collective knowledge, collective governance and collective action in real-time. Network Society is “The App” that drives economic and social development across sectors and countries. Our sector pages provide comprehensive information including screenshots and community definitions (in IoE terms).