Network Society vision, purpose and plan

Network Society vision/purpose: collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction

The 'meaning of life' and purpose of society is successive accumulation of collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction by individuals, countries and globally. ‘More with less’ Evolution delivers this life and purpose (by default), but it's delayed by ‘Trapped Transition’ (10-50 years). Wisdom Networks and ‘Global Village’ delivers it (by design with ‘Punctuated Reform’) with 50 networks in 2- 5 years.
Network Society 'pitch'
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by Marcus Cake

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Purpose/vision: collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction

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Extract from 1 page vision/purpose infographic:
  • VISION/PURPOSE: The meaning of 'life' and Purpose of Society is collective wisdom, prosperity and satisfaction. ‘More with less’ Evolution delivers this life and purpose (by default), but it's delayed by ‘Trapped Transition’ (10-50 years). Wisdom Networks and ‘Global Village’ delivers it (by design with ‘Punctuated Reform’) with 50 networks in 2- 5 years.
  • COLLECTIVE WISDOM is the successive accumulation of the 6 elements of wisdom (data, information, community, collaboration, knowledge, wisdom) by individuals, countries and globally
  • COLLECTIVE PROSPERITY is the successive accumulation of the 8 types of capital by individuals, countries and globally
  • COLLECTIVE SATISFACTION is the successive accumulation and satisfaction of human needs (originally identified by Maslow) by individuals, countries and globally
  • SOCIETY GROWTH: The purpose of a Network Society is to maximise 'Society Growth' by maximising collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at ‘Zero Marginal Cost‘ in sectors, countries and institutions around the world for the benefit of people.
  • NETWORK SOCIETY VISION: The vision of a Network Society is to accelerate the ‘More with less’ evolution that is crowd creating a ‘Global Village’ by replacing local, centralised vertical hierarchies with a 50+ global, distributed, horizontal networks across sectors and countries over 2-5 years.
  • NETWORK SOCIETY PURPOSE: The purpose of a Network Society is to organise the ‘things’ of society, collective wisdom, collective prosperity and collective satisfaction at 'Zero Marginal Cost' in sectors and countries around the world for the benefit of people.
  • INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY PURPOSE: The purpose of an Industrial Economy is to monetise societies ‘things’, centralise material/financial capital, centralise power and focus centralised power and capital for the benefit of government, industries, few countries and few individuals.
  • INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY VISION: The vision of Industrial Economy is materialism, survival, confusion, low utilisation, maximum consumption, fragmentation and inequality.

Everyone has a role to play in a country, sector or institution to drive 'Punctuated Reform' and transition to achieve 'Global Village in 2 years!

R. Buckminster Fuller quotes:

Humanity is now experiencing history's most difficult evolutionary transformation. (1983)

Neither the great political or financial powers of the world nor the population in general realize that the engineering-chemical-electronic revolution now makes it possible to produce many more technical devices with ever less material. We can now take care of everybody at a higher standard of living than anybody has ever known. It does not have to be “you or me,” so selfishness is unnecessary and war is obsolete. This has never been done before. Only twelve years ago technology reached the point where this could be done. Since then it has made it ever so much easier to do.

'Dear reader, traditional human power structures and their reign of darkness are about to be rendered obsolete.'

Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment. . . . Humanity is in ‘final exam’ as to whether or not it qualifies for continuance in Universe (1981)

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

The youth of humanity all around our planet are intuitively revolting from all sovereignties and political ideologies. The youth of Earth are moving intuitively toward an utterly classless, raceless, omnicooperative, omniworld humanity. Children freed of the ignorantly founded educational traditions and exposed only to their spontaneously summoned, computer-stored and -distributed outflow of reliable-opinion-purged, experimentally verified data, shall indeed lead society to its happy egress from all misinformedly conceived, fearfully and legally imposed, and physically enforced customs of yesterday. They can lead all humanity into omnisuccessful survival as well as entrance into an utterly new era of human experience in an as-yet and ever-will-be fundamentally mysterious Universe.

Basic Income (Industrial Economy survival) vs. Minimum Life (Network Society contribution

An Industrial Economy reduces a person’s (potential) life to materialism, confusion, isolation and survival and the prospect of a ‘basic income’ (for unemployment or retirement) that an Industrial Economy can not afford. This is not life. A Network Society empowers every individual with collective prosperity (beyond materialism), collective satisfaction and collective wisdom in a highly productive society structure that can not only fund a ‘Basic Income’, but also motivates individuals with a bonus from contribution to ‘things’ and the opportunity to contribute to any individual or society purpose in any sector or country. A comprehensive and detailed explanation is available here.

Network Society plan: Punctuated Reform crowd creates 'Global Village' in 2 years

'Punctuated Reform' (1 page plan) crowd creates 'Global Village' and restores evolution, 'The Shift', wisdom, prosperity and peace. It's a plan to escape 'Trapped Transition' and migrate from Industrial Economy (centralised stagnation) to Network Society (distributed prosperity).

'Global Village' in 2 years
by sector, country or telco

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'Global Village' in 2 years
by sector, country or telco

Society growth is dynamic, driven by real-time citizen participation in open networks and anti-fragile

Today, the main contradiction in modern capitalism is between the possibility of free, abundant socially produced goods, and a system of monopolies, banks, and governments struggling to maintain control over power and information .... Everything is pervaded by a fight between network and hierarchy. Paul Mason

  • The 'Industrial Economy' model for determining '(economic) growth' is planned and expanded by government and industry which organises money, infrastructure, hierarchy, centralised decision making, annual planning cycles and markets to determine society focus and expansion. The people in a Network Society drive Society Growth with real-time knowledge, planning, effort and broad consensus captured and applied in all 'Community of Common Interest' wisdom networks across society. Priorities, resource allocation, capital allocation, effort and outcomes are determined by real-time citizen activity (pseudo voting) across society in real-time networks.

  • Any individual could download and deploy a wisdom network in 90-180 days to focus wisdom to focus local, national or global wisdom on community of common interest, society problem, need or challenge. Society Growth is dynamically with real-time citizen demand for network features, sector, country, regional and global networks satisfied by any individual creating a wisdom network in 90-180 days.
  • Entrepreneurs, governments, telcos and industry build a supply of wisdom networks that present the people and society with opportunity for Society Growth. Wisdom Network demand (citizen participation and contribution) determines where society expands by prioritising features, functions, wisdom and effort amongst competing local, sector, country and global networks. Wisdom networks can be launched in 90-180 days and achieve local, sector, country or global transformation in 1-5 years.

People driven-society ... people as the primary means to organise!

  • Rather than voting for between policies of two political parties, annual planning cycles and capital allocation based upon return on Investment, Society Growth is determined by real-time wisdom network demand (citizen participation and contribution) and supply (proposals to society by anyone) determines community consensus in real-time across sectors, countries and globally. The many (rather than the few) collectively determine the features, functions and growth path of society in Zero marginal Cost networks.
  • In an Industrial Economy the economic and political spheres of society are separated, fragmented, batch processed and opaque. A Network Society integrates the political and economic spheres and makes them real-time, transparent and integrates what was previously divided, fragmented, batch processed and opaque. Network Society consolidates political and economic spheres into a single mesh network which is real-time, transparent, accessilble to all and driven by the people.
  • Wisdom networks are the foundation for real-time people-driven Network Society. Government can focus on governance as the responsibility of organising society is returned to the people.

Fragile hierarchies and economies vs. Anti-fragile networks and society

  • Human intervention centralises power and prosperity and fragments society amongst hierarchies. The result is the Industrial Economy and a fragile society. Industrial Economy neither adapts or gets stronger when stressed. It continually needs to be fixed and distortion, exponential complexity and inherent systemic risk inevitably leads to crisis and collapse.
  • Zero Marginal Cost technologies and the resulting Network Society are antifragile. They get better over time, when stressed and when shocked (like nature). They are driven by people and the crowd creates stability, improvement and has neglible risk as a result of design and processes more closely reflecting nature. No single piece becomes too big or presents a risk that could ultimately cause the failure of society. The outcome is a simple person to person network (with 7bn people).

'Trapped Transition' or 'Punctuated Reform'

The global community is in 'Trapped Transition' between Industrial Economy and Network Society. 'Punctuated reform' and the Shift to the next stage of economic development can occur by design with a proactive and comprehensive plan, or by default with crisis, collapse or war. History shows us that the latter is more likely. Change rarely occurs without crisis, collapse or war. In the Age of Turbulence, old ways crumble, but the new can not take flight. Let’s escape 'Trapped Transition' by implementing 'punctuated reform' to move from centralised stagnation to distributed power and prosperity. We could be in 'Trapped Transition' for another 50 years, or complete 'Punctuated Reform' in 2-5 years.

R. Buckminster Fuller quotes:

Humanity is now experiencing history's most difficult evolutionary transformation. (1983)

There is more recognition now that things are changing, but not because there is a political move to do it. It is simply a result of the information being there. Our survival won’t depend on political or economic systems. It’s going to depend on the courage of the individual to speak the truth, and to speak it lovingly and not destructively. It’s saying what you really know and feel is the truth, in all directions. Our greatest vulnerability lies in the amount of misinformation and misconditioning of humanity.

There’s a built-in resistance to letting humanity be a success. Each one claims that their system is the best one for coping with inadequacy. We have to make them all obsolete. We need to find within technology that there is something we can do which is capable of taking care of everybody, and to demonstrate that this is so. (1981)

'Trapped Transition' vs.
'Punctuated Reform'

Centralised stagnation vs.
Distributed prosperity

Third Industrial Revolution - only by restructuring human time and attention

Industrial Revolutions mean the world achieves so much more with so much less. The First Industrial Revolution was a 600 hundred fold increase in productivity in agriculture. At one time 25% of the population produced the food for a few hundred million people. Now, 1% of the population produces all the food for 7 billion. A small number of countries produce food for the world. The Second Industrial Revolution resulted in a handful of countries producing most of the industrial goods for the world. China and Germany come to mind. The Third Industrial Revolution brings a rapid jump in productivity in services with more services produced through global or coutnry platforms using less people. The 'more with less' evolution is occurring by default and we are witnessing increasing unemployment. New sectors or opportunities for contribution need to be created for the displaced. The impact of the Third Industrial Revolution is profound and can only be achieved by restructuring human time and attention.

Network Society double, triple or quadruple productivity of every employee by restructuring human time and attention… sources include reclaiming travel time, reclaiming identified wasted time, reclaiming unproductive work time and gamification.

Network Society also captures effort outside hierarchies and across the world which means Global Village' lifts human potential output from 2.5% (in an Industrial Economy) to 23.5% ( using Network Society development model). Network Society can produce 9 times more than the Industrial Economy development model. It achieves this by (1) increasing individual productive time, (2) capturing wisdom beyond the boundary of the hierarchy and (3) capturing wisdom around the world.

Double, triple or quadruple productive time


Network Society has 9 times more potential


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